A new trend in gambling – Telegram casinos

Telegram casinos

At Alanbase, we regularly conduct interviews with our clients to discuss the latest trends in the iGaming industry. Among our clients are such market leaders as BetBoom, Glory Partners, and 4rabet.

One of the trends that has emerged in the CIS and Indian markets is the use of Telegram for casino operations. We interviewed Santino, a leading iGaming expert, who shared his personal experience with us.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not you should consider implementing this innovative approach.

What is a Telegram casino? What does it look like and what are its benefits?

The basic concept is the same as a regular online casino: games, deposits, and withdrawals, but with authorization through Telegram.

Let’s start with the most obvious advantage: you don’t need to download anything or switch to third-party platforms to play. All you need is the Telegram app.

And yes, Telegram is precisely the messenger that people use constantly: they text with friends, read favorite channels, and so on. That is, in addition to interesting and simplified game mechanics for users, you get a database on TG with the ability to stay in touch with users through familiar mechanics: messages, buttons, menus, and more.

You also gain a much wider range of options for engaging with your audience, and users receive unlimited mailing lists from advertisers directly in their favorite messenger, with a variety of interaction options.

What is the functionality of the Telegram casino?

For users of a Telegram casino, the main features are:

– Games

– Deposits

– Withdrawals

As you can see, there are no significant differences from a traditional online casino. A Telegram casino can be seen as an extension of an existing online project, which simplifies the registration process. Players can log in from their existing accounts, and with one click, they can access the casino through a deep link.

Why is the casino considering switching to Telegram?

Telegram is growing rapidly, with 300 million new users joining since 2022 (a 60% increase), and daily user reach has increased by 20% in 2023 and 2024. Telegram is also one of the most customizable messengers available.

A Telegram casino could be a great way to attract new players, as it offers an easy and profitable way to do so. With just one button, players can refer friends to the casino and earn a bonus for each new registration or deposit. This could help to expand the casino’s reach and attract more players.

Is the lead cheaper? – Obviously, it is. However, there is one major consideration. You need to take into account the geographic location of your users. Let’s take a look at the target group distribution map:

If you understand that your target audience is likely to be interested in a Telegram casino, then this could be the best option for you.

TG Casino is safe.

If you are targeting a Russian-speaking audience, you may have already encountered the fact that your websites are regularly blocked and you need to mirror your sites. 

In TG, however, users can block casinos (refuse further use) and the problem with content can be quickly fixed. In extremely rare cases, the messenger itself may block you, but remember how often spam emails were blocked.

All user data is stored on your servers and if it is blocked, you can send a newsletter to all users and return them with their data.

How to measure the numbers?

We at Alanbase offer various tools, including tracking Telegram casinos. If you are new to us, Alanbase is SaaS software that helps you create affiliate programs and track affiliate traffic.

How to use the tools in Alanbase? The simplest option is to match users using a custom field in their user card by clicking on their ID. This creates a link between the Telegram casino, the database with deposits, and Alanbase. You can then clearly see everything in the statistics section: the number of sign-ups, deposits, and other metrics.

The statistics section in Alanbase looks like this:

And if you go to the Conversion tab, you will see which campaigns worked best. Here, you can view the results of each individual affiliate or offer. Based on this information, you can optimize your Telegram casino’s performance.

To see conversions in Alanbase:

What is important when deciding to launch a Telegram casino?

As with any casino, it is important to launch an affiliate program to receive high-quality traffic from affiliates. From the stories of our customers, we know that you often need to wait for cumbersome software to connect, evaluate customizations, etc.

The Alanbase team consists mostly of professionals from the iGaming industry, and we understand the importance of urgency when software is needed immediately. Therefore, we can connect you in just one day, as we already have ready-made solutions for gambling, betting, and CPA. If you are already using other software, our team will transfer you to our platform in two days on a turnkey basis.

And also in Alanbase:

1. A single ecosystem: manage partners, statistics, and payments in one place.

2. 24/7 support – literally. We’re available both day and night, ready to help in 5 minutes or less.

3. Customizable statistics: you set the goals, events, and qualifications for payments according to your own formulas.

4. Real-time data updates.

If you’d like to scale your business, please fill out an application to schedule a demo call with one of our managers. 

During the call, the manager will gather your requirements for an affiliate program, so the support team can prepare the software for free access for 14 days with full functionality.

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