The Best Betting Countries

The Best Betting Countries

Betting is an old form of gambling that is loved in a lot of countries. People find it entertaining to not just watch their favorite sports but to be a part of the process. The sports betting industry has been successfully growing and nowadays, there is even a virtual category of sports to place bets on. GBC Time has listed the top countries where sports betting is popular.

The world cannot ignore the fact of the high popularity of the sports betting industry. Therefore, some countries have already adopted their jurisdiction system for legal betting activity. The restrictions make the industry regulated and controlled by the government.

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So here are the top 9 countries, where betting is one of the main entertainment activities among the citizens.


Hong Kong and Macau welcome tourists from all over the world to visit the most expensive casinos and place bets on various sports. The gambling capitals of China have become important drivers for the country’s economy. Therefore, the government has been supporting this business sector to increase not only the financial impact but the tourists as well.

United Kingdom

England without stakes is not much England. The people of the UK spend weekends on the horseracing hippodromes to enjoy the time with their families and friends. The bookmakers earn billions of income thanks to this extreme demand in the country.

 Among the most favorite UK sports are football and horse racing of course.


The sports betting industry in India is in a quite difficult position in a jurisdiction sense. The government cannot adopt this sector and make it regulated and legal. However, the sportsbooks in the country keep illegally earning money. Moreover, different regions of the country regulate the gambling industry in different ways.


The only restriction on the betting industry in Australia is the advertisement law. The bookmakers in this country successfully develop and attract new players and partners.

Australian customers have access to a large amount of betting options in great conditions.


Among the favorite gambling activities for Canadian players are lotteries, betting, card games, and much more. The government of the country keeps searching for a perfectly set regulation model to provide the minimum risk industry.


During the latest decade, Nigerians have been placing bets through native and international sportsbooks. The regulatory establishment – the National Lottery Regulation Commission legalized the sports betting industry in 2005.


Mexico is probably one of the most unproblematic markets for the sports betting industry. The number of restrictions is minimized to provide faster growth in the sector. But still, people under the age of 18 do not have an option to place bets in the country. This rule is one of the most important in the industry.


Singapore offers a lot of exclusive and luxurious casinos. Tourists from all over the world are coming to this country to spend some time and probably money there. And sports betting is another favorite legal activity on the market for the players in Singapore.


Slot machines are still the favorite gambling activity for Italian players. More than half of the total revenue is coming from the slots, however, sports betting is another favorite gambling category for the players in the country.

Despite the high popularity of sports betting, such a problem as match-fixing sometimes becomes an uncontrollable problem in the country.

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