Top Esports Legends in 2024

Top Esports Legends

Esports has been growing and raising to new levels for the latest years. The industry is fast-developing and welcoming for new players, coaches, and teams in general. However, the industry is already full of inspiring legends and stories that might be interesting for cybersports fans. GBC Time has listed the most impressive legends in the esports industry of all time.

You may know a lot of esports games that have already become the platforms for tournaments worldwide. The players around the world are practicing to become a member of the team or become single players. Sometimes, it is hard to keep being inspired and motivated for more achievements. GBC Time has gathered the most inspiring stories about players, who made it.

Overwatch player legend

When it comes to the Overwatch games, a couple of names pop up in my mind. And one of them might be Matthew “Super” DeLisi.

An American player may be known for his Overwatch skin of the Tank characters. He is currently a member of the San Fransisco Shock team. His hard work has led him to the top Overwatch league, where he has been reaching even more goals and success.

Matthew is considered to be one of the most successful players with an impressive number of winning tournaments and events. World championships or local events do not even matter, he is included in the top list of the esports sector worldwide.

Find the backstory of his nickname in the video at the link

League of Legends superstar

League of legends or LoL is a universal game with a large audience around the globe. The LoL tournaments gather millions of watchers and visitors at the arenas. If you are in the top league of the LoL, you are definitely a superstar.

Lee Sang-hyeok also known as Faker is one of those legends who keep impressing the whole industry.

Faker is currently a mid-lane player, he also became famous for the status of unbeatable LeBlanc player. But this status was true until 2015. LoL star is definitely included in the list of the most legendary players of all time.

Rocket League legend

Victor Locquet is famous for his nickname “Fairy Peak” and his professional success in the Rocket League community. He is currently a player in the popular team – Renault Sport team Vitality.

Talking about the player’s achievements, Fairy Peak has earned more than $200 000 totally through multiple participations in the tournaments.

His professionalism keeps inspiring a lot of newbies in the esports industry which makes him a real-life legend.

Dota 2 player

Anathan Pham may be also known as Ana. A Dota 2 player is a member of one of the most popular esports teams – the OG team. Ana has become the leading player thanks to his determination and fearlessness. As a result, he is currently a holder of the record of six victories and no lesions.

He has participated in the latest tournaments worldwide and every time he became a surprise for the whole industry. He leads his team to success by choosing the most unique strategies and playing as the top professional.

Fortnite legend

Turner Tenney is known as Tfue – a professional Fortnite player, who is considered to be an ambassador of the high professionalism in the Fortnite community.

Tfue was a member of the popular team – Faze Clan, but eventually, he has become a part of the Ninja team.

He is also an active Twitch streamer that allows us to watch his gaming style and unique approach on the streams.

Tfue is a real legend for Fortnite gamers worldwide thanks to his impressive achievements and results in the industry.

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