5 Major Roulette Variations

5 Major Roulette Variations

Roulette is one of the most famous casino games of all time. This wheel game has been played for hundreds of years. Nowadays, pretty much every new player who goes to a casino for the first time or creates an account in an online casino starts their journey with the roulette game.

This popular game also has several well-known variations. In this article, we are going to analyze the 5 major roulette variations. The rules and the general idea do not change a lot between these versions of the game, but there are some things that are not the same. 

French roulette

When it comes to French roulette, this version of the game is very similar to European. The wheel and numbers are the same, and the betting options come with the same odds and payouts.

You may wonder where the difference is in this roulette version. Well, in French roulette, there is an extra rule called La Partage. This rule comes when a player makes an even money bet. Then, if the spin result is zero, the player takes back half of this stake.

In short, this extra rule is an advantage for the players. This is why French roulette became so popular when it arrived in America for the first time. If you want to test the French roulette and play it for free, you can find this version on the official website of Roulette77.

European roulette

European roulette is one of the 2 most popular versions of roulette worldwide and can be found in the majority of online and physical casinos in the world. The European wheel comes with 37 numbers, with the first number being 0 and the last – the 36.

The roulette numbers are divided into two different colors, black and red. However, zero is the only number on the European roulette that has green color.

Whether you want to play physical roulette or online roulette for real money, the odds and payouts of European roulette are the same. Just to name the 2 most usual bets, Straight up comes with a 35:1 payout and 2.7% odds to happen, and Red/Black comes with a 1:1 payout and 48.6% odds to happen.

American roulette

American roulette is, along with European roulette, one of the two most popular versions of this game. The American version is actually not very different from the European one.

The greatest difference comes with the numbers of the wheel. American roulette has 38 numbers in total, 1 more than European roulette because it also has a double zero number.

The rules of the game are pretty much the same as European roulette, but the odds have a small difference. To be more precise, in this roulette version, the Straight up has 2.6% odds to happen, and the Red/Black comes with 47.4% odds to happen.

Multi-wheel roulette

Multi-wheel roulette is one of the newest versions of roulette that come to light. The rules, bets, numbers, and the whole idea of the game are the same as in European roulette, but the difference comes in the number of wheels.

In every version of roulette that we review today, the wheel is just one, but in this version of the game, you can find tables that have 2 up to 8 wheels at the same time.

In a few words, multi-wheel roulette gives the players the ability to bet on multiple wheels at the same time. However, as we said above, the rules and numbers are just like the usual roulette versions.

Mini roulette

As the name suggests, this roulette version comes with a smaller roulette than the usual ones. Mini roulette comes with only 13 numbers, from 0 up to 12. Players are still allowed to bet their money on individual numbers or a specific range of numbers.

The 13 numbers of the mini roulette come with 6 black, 6 reds, and, of course, the green zero. The rules and idea of the game is the same as this version of roulette, but the payouts and odds are slightly different.

To be more precise, the Straight up comes with 1:11 payout and 7.69% odds to happen, and the Red/Black comes with 1:1 payout and 46.15% odds to happen.

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