The Most Effective Customer Retention Strategies for Online Casino

The Most Effective Customer Retention Strategies for Online Casino

The online casino sector is a large ecosystem that implies high competition among the operators and providers as well. It is becoming much harder to retain new customers, so GBC Time has listed the top 5 most effective ways to attract new players to online casinos. So, what are the most effective customer acquisition technologies in 2022?

Online gambling has already been implemented in the regular social media reality. Social media users always see advertisements for different shops and platforms. The human eye is already adapted to the constant promotions. Therefore, it is definitely much harder to provide an effective promotion campaign. Moreover, customer retention is another complexity in the conditions of the high competition in the market. The even more complicated thing is to keep the new players loyal and active. This is a task for top professional marketers.

Hopefully, this article will be the key to your customer retention strategy.

What is customer retention?

Customer retention is the practice of increasing the customer rate for the business. One of the most dominant goals for customer retention is to extract value from these customers. talking of the indicators of a successful retention strategy is the total purchase increase. It is not enough to just attract new clients and keep them just for the total amount. Selling growth is the most perfect proof of effective customer retention.

Why is customer retention important?

Additionally to the obvious benefit of the client base increase, there are even more advantages for the businesses. Customer retention brings to your business plenty of benefits like:

  • Higher average order value;
  • Increase profits;
  • Better relationship with brand ambassador;
  • More cost-effective to sell to existing customers.

When it comes to customer retention for online casino businesses, the process becomes more complicated. The main reason is the unwelcome niche on some social media platforms. The social media giants provide their own rules on gambling advertisements that quite complicate the promotion process.

The most effective customer retention strategies for online casino

In 2022, the iGaming industry is considered to be one of the most successful and fast-growing industries. The total number of players worldwide is quite impressive. Here is the online gambling market size of the online gambling and betting industry worldwide, according to Statista.

The Most Effective Customer Retention Strategies for Online Casino

But how to attract the major part of them to your online casino? Here is the top list of the most effective ways for customer retention.

Game selection

One of the main reasons for such a large audience in online gambling is the diversity of games. Every player has their own taste in themes, mechanism, and style. The online casinos in their term offer a great variation of the games.

The most popular games in the online casino market worldwide are considered to be:

  • Slots;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Video poker;
  • Craps;
  • Keno;
  • Bingo.

Moreover, the games are also diluted with different themes and styles. For instance, the slots may be styled in Egyptian mythology. At the same time, a player can find the game based on a popular movie or TV show. The iGaming market offers unique options for the unexpected experience, while land-based casinos cannot be such multi-purposed.

When a potential customer sees such a variety of games, a desire of trying everything may be stronger than a need to skip the offer.

Do not stop at one new theme for the games. The online casino operator is successful when the team always knows how to surprise the players.

Online casino customers always need to be impressed by the new and unique products. This is one of the most effective ways to keep customers active and loyal.

How to produce more new games on the online casino platform?

As it was stated above, the iGaming industry is highly competitive among operators and providers as well. When a casino operator decides to add more games to the platform, another problem is coming. How to find new games based on high-qualified technology and unusual storyline.

iGaming aggregator is the answer. Find more about the aggregation services at the link.


The bonus system is the next customer-encouraging method that is frequently used on the market worldwide. The operators try to attract new customers by offering the most profitable options.

Among the most popular bonus offers are free spins. If we talk about slots, it may also be the deposit option and even the financial prize for the first registration.

Some platforms use the promotion system to offer bonuses. It means that the bonus offer is available on the exact days of the week. The new players can sign-up for the platform and get the exclusive bonus available only on the weekday, for instance.

One of the dominant benefits of the bonus system is the building of good connections and relationships with the players. Such a step from the operator demonstrates openness and transparency.

Bonuses are also multipurpose in the sense of the customers’ activity. Through the bonus offers, the operators may attract new players and activate the churned players. Mostly, the inactive player gets emails about exclusive offers for re-activate their accounts and playing process.


iGaming became popular during the time of the global pandemic crisis. While the offline world was locked down, the online one was growing. People saw more opportunities to entertain themselves without even leaving their homes.

iGaming tournaments bring completely new emotions to the gaming experience. Operators can run the tournaments and online events, including the most popular games on the platform. Moreover, gambling providers also have the option to participate and even run their own tournaments. This can actually provide the international audience growth and bring more clients to the developers.

However, the tournament method requires a specific promotion campaign. It is essential to offer the online event in a proper way so as many as possible customers would like to participate in it.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an old and well-known friend of marketers worldwide. It is the universal approach, which is effective in various niches. And iGaming is not an exception. The personal approach allows for building a stronger connection between the operator and the customers. the personalized message that comes time-to-time reminds the player to visit the website and try something new.

However, it is also so important to set the right strategy to not be too intrusive. The spam section is the end of the retention process. Do not lose a potential active player by being too active in the customer’s email box.

VIP and loyalty programs

VIP is the status that allows the customer to be special. This option retains the new potential clients through profitable offers and conditions, and also makes the already existing accounts more active.

Considering the technology, players get special awards for each new level. It may be a new achievement in the game or a bigger deposit made. The variation of setting in this program is diverse and unlimited.


Customer retention is the key to income increase. Online casinos cannot afford to be unattractive to the new players because of the high competition in the market. Find more new ways like email marketing and tournaments, if it is brand new for your business. Keep your players involved and interested in everything inside your casino.

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