The Best Countries for Crypto Gambling in 2024

The Best Countries for Crypto Gambling

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is being more actively implemented in various niches and businesses. And online gambling is not an exception. Such a modern tendency as Bitcoin gambling has been gaining momentum in recent years. But where are the best conditions for crypto gambling in 2024? In this blog post, GBC Time has collected the best countries for the new trend in the gambling industry.

The gambling industry has constantly been developing and implementing more newly-innovative tools. After the loud appearance of cryptocurrency in the business market, it was an issue of time of how fast crypto gambling would reveal itself. Nowadays, the iGaming industry is full of crypto casinos and betting websites with crypto payment options.

When it comes to regular casino gaming, it is not a secret that the most popular gambling capitals such as Macau and Las Vegas. So here is the list of the crypto gambling capitals in 2024.


France has always been one of the most casino-welcoming countries in Europe. The first casino on the continents was established in France after some of the revolutionary historical moments in the 18th century.

Crypto gambling has also been gaining an audience in France. Of course, casino operators have to follow some restrictions established by the government to provide transparency in the business.


Canada has been transforming into one of the most crypto-friendly markets recently. The first Bitcoin ATM machine was established in Vancouver in 2013. Since that time, the government has been supporting and regulating the crypto industry. BTC casino gaming is totally legal in Canada, however, the only restriction is the obligation of the license for a gambling operation.


The UK gambling market is another crypto-friendly market. The main gambling regulation establishment – UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) keeps a close eye on each operator, so a license to do business in the UK market is very important. Even with the strict regulation model, crypto gambling is extremely popular in the market.

The government has also been implementing blockchain technology in the business sectors of various niches, including iGaming. So the further year is expected to be even more successful for crypto gambling in the UK.


In Australia, crypto transactions are actively used at the level of the government, which means that cryptocurrency is perfectly regulated. Online gambling is not an exception among the niches, where crypto is included in the work model.

Australian gambling regulation establishment guarantees a highly-protected space for customers with secured payment transactions.


Curacao is one of the main drivers for the crypto-gambling industry development worldwide. In this market, crypto-gambling fans can find tons of casinos and betting websites with modern blockchain technology implementation. Customers from all over the world come to play the local websites and enjoy the conditions and terms of use.


Cryptocurrency is definitely expected to be even more implemented in plenty of industries and niches. But still, virtual finances cannot fully replace the traditional financial model. Cryptocurrency is probably the fresh take of breath to the business building that allows expanding the company’s abilities and offers to the clients.

If you want to try crypto gambling in practice, you can find a video guide to the top crypto casinos at the link.

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