Top Cryptocurrency Billionaires in 2024

Top Cryptocurrency Billionaires

Cryptocurrency is one of the main drivers of global economic growth. Thanks to unique technologies and active investments in the industry, more and more people are getting rich. GBC Time has listed the richest cryptocurrency people in 2024.

The cryptocurrency world is already a regular industry in modern reality, but still, it can be unpredictable and surprising. Some people get rich and become billionaires, but some people do not succeed at all.

This article is dedicated to those people, who managed to become rich and successful thanks to blockchain technologies, crypto, NFT, and many other innovative financial tools.

Changpeng Zhao

Income: $65 billion

This man has become famous thanks to being a part of the Binance foundation. Moreover, Zhao holds the post of the “CZ” CEO. His success is one of the greatest in the world, according to the Forbes ratings. This billionaire takes 19th place on the list of the richest people worldwide.

He owns around 70% of Binance – the leading crypto exchange platform.

Zhao’s business has been growing successfully thanks to his unique approach and innovative approach.

Sam Bankman-Fried

Income: $24 billion

In 2021, the businessman decided to move out Hongkong because of its complicated regulation of the cryptocurrency sector. He picked the Bahamas to be his home place for the next few years. Bankman-Fried is the owner of the FTX platform – one of the fast-growing startups in the latest years.

The FTX operations in the USA were recently valued at $8 billion, according to the investors. In January this year, FTX raised $400 million at a $32 billion valuation, which is quite an impressive fact.

Sam Bankman-Fried currently owns half of the FTX platform and the personal token placed on the FTT platform of $7 billion worth.

Brian Armstrong

Income: $6.6 billion

Armstrong has become one of the richest people in the world thanks to his position at Coinbase – the CEO chair. For several years now, he has been successfully running the business, which led him to a $6.6 billion net worth.

In January 2022, Armstrong also made the priciest transaction deal by spending $133 million on a Bel-Air mansion. He has also been fighting the EU Parliament’s plans on the cryptocurrency sector.  Find more about EU crypto regulation at the link

Gary Wang

Income: $5.9 billion

Gary Wang holds the position of chief technology officer at the FTX company. Moreover, he is also a co-founder of this platform. Currently, he owns a 16% stake in FTX’s business. Talking about the value, the sum is over $600 million.

Before taking his place in the cryptocurrency world, Wand was a software engineer at Google, which proves his high qualification in the technological aspect.

Chris Larsen

Income: $4.3 billion

Larsen is another big fish on this crypto sea. Currently, he is a co-founder of the blockchain-company – Ripple. You might have probably heard about this company thanks to its token, which is the 8 biggest crypto in the world – XRP.

Chris Larsen is also focused on the climate change problem caused by Bitcoin farming. He is an activist who has been trying to attract more people’s attention to the negative impact on the ecosystem.

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