Antonios Zlatanos On New Tendencies in Gambling & Goals

Antonios Zlatanos On New Tendencies in Gambling & Goals

This year was a challenging period for the gambling sector, especially for land-based casinos. Nonetheless, new developments in the iGaming niche continue to emerge.

Antonios Zlatanos, the CEO of ZeusPlay, has answered questions about casino and slot gaming in 2021 and 2022.

2021 wasn’t the easiest year for the global gambling industry. What would you say about this year? What goals have been reached?

2021 was in general a difficult year not only for the global gambling industry. It was a year that was stigmatized by the pandemic and the lockdowns that were applied to most of the countries worldwide.

It is certain that the blow that land-based casinos suffered was really big and I truly hope that during the new year we will all be able to return to our normal pace.

We might also say that the online casinos and the sports betting sites were less affected and taking into consideration the fact that during the previous year with the pause of all sporting events for a long period of time, there was a general downside for the online gambling.

As time passed by though, we may say that the online casinos by “taking advantage” of the circumstances with the pandemic and the whole atmosphere, saw an increase in their clientele and revenues.

Us, here at Zeusplay, we went out in the market with a variety of new game titles and developed technologies and we are constantly trying to show a range of products that are modern and competitive.

How has the casino gaming industry changed in 2021? Have you noticed any significant differences between 2021 and 2020?

First of all, let’s make clear that some changes would take place regardless of the covid pandemic due to the evolution of the technology.

Therefore, we have noticed a significant growth for blockchain casinos. The use of crypto coins guarantees the safety and immediacy of the transactions.

Let me point out please that the proven protection at any hacking attempt and also the assurance of the player’s confidentiality and privacy, is equally important.

Another thing we have been noticing lately in many casinos is the use of a software tool, the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

It is a method that helps the different platforms to track any gambling addictions, to create various offers and bonuses that are adapted to the special features of the players such as habits, preferences, etc., and finally to the detection of patterns and tendencies that lead to the player’s best experience.

What are the most famous trends in video slots in 2021? And what market has become a real trendsetter in 2021?

There are many differences and various trends for the video slots which we have seen during 2021. They mostly concern variations with sticky symbols, but also games that have many payment methods.

We constantly create new mathematical models, evolving this way our games, providing them with such a diversity in order for us to offer the best experience with modern techniques and possibilities, both esthetically and in terms of the game’s plot. This way, we keep the interest and overall satisfaction of the player at a high level.

Creating slot games with more than 5 reels, which is the most common recent feature in the slots, by adding one or more reels, vertical or horizontal is one of the latest evolutions, which I personally believe, will dominate during the next period of time.

What trends in casino gaming do you expect to see in 2022?

I believe that all games should be simple and easily understandable by the client. Of course, the clientele is continuously renewing with younger players, having as a result that the average age of the players to decrease.

This results in the fact, that the players have begun asking for more games that are different than the classic slots and maybe games that are more interactive and ask the participation of the players for the game’s progress.

What goals do you want to reach by the end of 2022? Do you already have a strategic plan to surprise the customers in 2022?

The goals that we have set as a company for 2022, assuming that everything goes well with the pandemic, will be that the opening we have already started for entering the African market of the retail lotteries, to be continued as a project by finalizing all our contacts and operations to many countries of the African continent along with new partnerships in LatAm.

Regarding our production, new titles are about to be presented along with newly evolved technologies, which technically will be the most modern development that the software world has to show.

All the above will be implemented in our servers and our clients. (Clients is the name we have given to the application that the final end-users – players run).

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