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GBC Time has interviewed – Kseni Viatkina, CMO at Zillion Games, is a premier provider of B2B online slot solutions in the gaming sector. With 6 years of experience in the gaming industry, she has held CMO positions at Endorphina and 1xbet, successfully attracting partners and developing marketing strategies across CIS, European, and Latin American markets.

Kseni, please give us some details about your company, how long have you been in the market? What markets do you operate in?

Zillion games is a supplier of online slots to the casino industry. The company was founded in 2021 and has rapidly achieved success as a leading B2B online slots provider in the casino industry, thanks to its innovative approach to slot game development. 

In just a few years, we have successful partnerships with over 500 casinos across Europe, Latin America, Australia and the CIS countries, and this number continues to grow rapidly each month. Our strong presence in these markets is a statement  to the high quality and appeal of our gaming solutions.

What are the top features and tools Zillion Games used in iGaming content development in 2024? Are there any specific trends that are followed by the majority of players worldwide?

Our slots feature the most popular and desired mechanics, offering both conventional and innovative themes for a unique gaming experience. We emphasize graphics and effects, including a diverse range of slot types such as 3×3, 5×3, 6×4, cluster slots, and unconventional setups like 3x4x4x4x3.

Our development team constantly explores unique combinations of mechanics. For instance, we’ve integrated the 4096 ways mechanic with hold and ring features and mystery symbols. We’ve also introduced the book of multichance mechanic with symbol accumulation. Some slots include interactive game boards, diverse animations, appearing characters, and even fighting components in bonus rounds.

We offer various wild symbol features, including stacked, shifting, random, and random walking wilds, with ongoing development of new variations. Recently, we introduced the boost symbol, which has been well-received.

A current trend in the iGaming industry is enhancing the “hold and win” feature, adding complexity and excitement. We are aligning our strategy accordingly and plan to implement an advanced version of “hold and win” in an upcoming game, ensuring it meets player demands and stands out in the market.

Do you consider the geo factor while developing iGaming products? How may this affect the final outcome?

At Zillion Games, we place a significant emphasis on the geo factor during the development of our iGaming products. Our internal dashboard provides us with detailed data analytics, allowing us to understand which features are popular in specific regions and where we generate the most significant traffic.

By leveraging real data and analyzing player behavior across different regions, we tailor our iGaming products to meet the preferences and expectations of our diverse user base. For instance, the “hold and win” feature is particularly popular in Australia, and we ensure that such preferences are integrated into our game designs for that market.

This data-driven approach enables us to create engaging and relevant gaming experiences!

What are your most popular slots?

At Zillion Games, our portfolio currently boasts 35 games, each designed with a focus on classic and popular themes that resonate with a wide audience. Our fast-growing portfolio of top-performing games includes titles such as Buffalo Sun, Wolf’s Moon, Egypt Sun Deluxe, and Zeus Fortune.

On average, these games achieve over 250 rounds per player across several hundred different platforms, demonstrating their widespread appeal and the high level of engagement they generate. This level of player activity is a testament to the quality and appeal of our games.

Zillion Games is committed to delivering modern gambling solutions for our partners and players. We continually strive to innovate and enhance our offerings to meet the evolving demands of the gaming industry. Our focus on quality, entertainment, and player satisfaction ensures that our games not only meet but exceed the expectations of both our partners and their players.

As far as we know you are actively recruiting at the moment, please tell us what positions you are looking for?

 Zillion Games is restructuring and optimizing all our business processes from the ground up. This includes a comprehensive restart of our C-level team, specifically in the Sales and Business Development departments and among our Game Designers. We’re seeking individuals who can make decisive choices and effectively communicate their strategies to the business. We value those who can leverage their experience to bring new ideas and creativity to our team. 

We place a high value on expertise and are particularly interested in candidates with experience in entering new markets, as expanding into the Asian market is one of our top priorities. We are looking for individuals who can bring a high level of knowledge and strategic insight to our team. 

We would be delighted to meet and discuss potential opportunities with qualified candidates. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please send your resume to our recruiter, HR department, at career@zillion.games.

What are the primary goals Zillion Games is setting up for the rest of 2024?

We have set ambitious goals to be achieved with the support of our competent specialists. We are closely monitoring industry trends and analyzing our competitors’ developments. Therefore, our primary objectives for 2024 include integrating our slot games into the most popular casinos across Europe and Asia and implementing a robust marketing strategy to strengthen our brand presence in the market.

Additionally, we are focused on developing innovative iGaming products to stay ahead of the curve. Looking forward to 2025, we aim to regularly attend major industry gambling exhibitions to showcase our offerings and reach a wider audience.

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