Tereza Melicharkova, Head of Marketing at Swintt

Tereza Melicharkova

1. Please give us some details about your company, how long have you been in the market? What markets do you operate in?

Swintt was first founded in 2019 by David Flynn and we’ve recently celebrated our fifth anniversary, which is obviously a major milestone for the company. During that time, David Mann – who was appointed as CEO in 2022 – has been doing an amazing job in leading the business for the past two years. From day one, our focus has always been on ensuring that our products are available in the widest range of regulated markets possible and we’re proud to say we’re now live in nine of them, including major markets like MGA, SGA, Germany and the Netherlands. In the immediate future, we’ll also be launching in the UK – which is a market we’ve really worked hard to prepare for – and in the second half of the year we’re also going to be focusing on entering Ontario and Greece as well.

2. What are the top features and tools Swintt used in iGaming content development in 2024? Are there any specific trends that are followed by the majority of players worldwide?

I think it’s hard to draw general conclusions about specific trends that are followed worldwide as – in our experience – the things that resonate with players differ from market to market. To give you an example, our research has shown that players in Germany and the Netherlands tend to be more receptive to “classic” slots that feature symbols and mechanics that are similar to those they’ve already experienced in land-based casinos – and that’s a big reason why our SwinttPremium line-up is so successful in both markets. In other regions like Scandinavia, the demographic is younger and players are more demanding in terms of the entertainment they expect, so we’re hopeful that our games from our recent collaboration with Elysium Studios like Law of Gilgamesh – which includes five bonus features – will help us engage with players there.

3. Do you consider the geo factor while developing iGaming products? How may this affect the final outcome?

At Swintt the primary goal has always been to create games that appeal to as wide an audience as possible, so naturally geographical considerations are a big part of this. As I touched on in my previous answer, our game catalogue was originally split into two distinct categories – Premium games that cater to the more traditional players in markets like Germany and the Netherlands and Select games that boast the kind of state-of-the-art graphics and features that resonate with players in the 18-30 demographic. As we’re now seeing more and more players in this age category enter the market, we believe that the engaging, feature-rich slots provided in our new Elysium Studios – Driven by Swintt line-up are going to be crucial to our continued success in the future.

4. What are your most popular slots?

It’s a well-established fact by now that Aloha Spirit XtraLockTM has been our most successful slot release to date. As an XtraSeriesTM title in our SwinttSelect line-up, the slot combined a fun, Hawaiian theme with an innovative new XtraLockTM feature that really struck a chord with our players and the game went on to set several records for the company which still stand today. On the SwinttPremium side of things, Seven Seven Pots of Pearls has also been a major hit for us and is undoubtedly the most successful game we’ve released so far that includes our popular Pearl respins feature. Beyond those two fan favourites, you can probably guess from my previous answers that we’re all very excited to see how the next Elysium Studios title, Law of Gilgamesh, performs when it launches on May 30th, so let’s hope we have a new record-breaker on our hands!

5. Since we found out what makes slot gaming popular among consumers, what can mess it up? What are the most common mistakes casino gaming developers can make?

I wouldn’t really call anything a “mistake” per se as every slot is a bit of a gamble and you never really know for sure how a game is going to be received. Sometimes you have what you think are all the right ingredients, but they just don’t land in the same way with players and that’s one of the things that makes this industry so exciting. It’s all about experimentation and learning what works in what market, so of course you need to do your research and study the data – but even then you can be surprised by a certain game performing better or worse than expected and sometimes it simply comes down to having a bit of luck. I know of one software developer in particular who had a game that only got released because the title they were working on for that month fell through. It went on to be their most successful title ever, so you can never be certain.

6. Recently, you announced the release of Tipsy Charms with  Elysium Studios, so we’re curious about the results of that collaboration.

 Tipsy Charms was the first release from our new Elysium Studios – Driven by Swintt line-up and the early results were very encouraging. The game debuted at LuckyCasino, which is a platform that, like Swintt, sits under the Glitnor Group umbrella, and it had both the highest number of players and the most rounds played on the site in the first two weeks following its launch. This obviously speaks volumes about the quality of the content being produced by Elysium Studios and is one of the many reasons that we’re expecting to have similar success with them from future releases. As I mentioned before, we’re looking forward to our next game with them, Law of Gilgamesh, which uses a highly engaging combination of cascading reels, cluster pays, in-reel bonuses and free spins features that we believe is going to prove incredibly popular with players.

7. What are the primary goals Swintt is setting up for the rest of 2024?

I think the biggest thing for us is going to be ensuring that we continue to enter new regulated markets as we grow. As I’ve said, we already have our sights set on the UK, Ontario and Greece in the not-so-distant future, but further down the line we also have big plans for the USA, Italy and Switzerland as well. Beyond that, we want to continue to bolster our line-up of games produced by Elysium Studios and we hope that the momentum we pick up from slots like Tipsy Charms and Law of Gilgamesh can spur us on to even bigger successes in future. We’ll also be looking to star collaboration with new SwinttStudios partners to further diversify our line-up and later in the year we’ll be attending SBC Lisbon, so we welcome anyone who wants to get a sneak peek at some of the great stuff that we’ve got coming up to visit our stand there and find out more.

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