The Best Betting Affiliate Programs




GG Affiliates

9.76 ★


888 sports

9.51 ★



9.32 ★



9.22 ★



8.84 ★


5K Betting system

8.37 ★


Paddy Power

8.01 ★



7.99 ★


Betting Gods

7.82 ★


ZCode System

7.65 ★


Profit Maximizer

7.62 ★


Draft Kings

7.34 ★

An affiliate program may play a significant role in product promotion in very different niches. The betting industry has not become an exception, and in a matter of time, the market has seen a lot of great betting affiliate programs. Below you will find the detailed guide to betting affiliate marketing. Stay tuned for the updates on the GBC Time website.

The sports betting market has always been a significant and influential part of the gambling industry worldwide. People find it exciting not just to watch their favorite teams competing but also to place bets on them. It is more intriguing and entertaining.

Considering the betting operation, the profit is high most of the time since the sports industry is active. The only time when the global betting industry faced an unseen fall was the global pandemic hit. However, even during the period of total quarantine and lockdown, the wagering sector found a way to be reborn.

Esports became a key to the betting recovery. Cybersport teams participated in the tournaments without even leaving their home places, and their fans placed bets. Considering the constant high interest in wagering, it is also essential to warm the new audience’s attention. And that is the time for affiliate marketing.

Before finding the answer to “what are the best sports betting affiliate programs?”, the GBC Time offers to find out all the peculiarities of the betting affiliate marketing below.

What is betting affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an effective and working strategy to attract new customers. It is not enough to make the betting platform with its exclusive offers, use modern tools, and update the total approach. It is necessary to always stay in touch with the customers and attract new audiences. That is a key to active development and long-living.

And sports betting affiliate programs are considered the most effective ways to promote wagering services.

Affiliate marketing consists of the four main factors:

  1. Affiliates;
  2. Business or brand;
  3. Affiliate network;
  4. A customer (and sub-affiliates in some cases).

The process requires affiliate marketers to push the brand using various tools. At the same time, they are getting paid commissions for their work.

Many different payment models may imply the payment for the clicks or the made deposits.

How does betting affiliate marketing work?

Betting affiliate marketing provides the correct targeting audience for the promotion. As a result, wager operators increase their audiences, and a number of new customers and marketers get paid. But about the working scheme? What are the tools and the main stages of affiliate promotion?

Affiliate network plays the dominant role in the process. In other words, marketers use networks as the central platform.

  1. Marketer registers on the betting affiliate network;
  2. Drive the traffic and attract the audience from different sources;
  3. Online bookmakers pay the commission to the markers for the driven traffic.

Marketers can promote not the exact sports event but also the special type of wagering, the exclusive match, etc.

Types of Betting Affiliate Programs

Cost-per-acquisition plan (CPA)

This payment model implies that the marketers are paid if their referrals perform some action on the betting site. In most cases, affiliates receive money for their bettors registering on the platform and making a certain minimum deposit. However, it is worth noting that betting sites tend to pay for those customers who not only made one deposit but also became regular active users.

Revenue share model

With this long-term payment model, gambling affiliates receive some share of the net gaming revenue (NGR) generated by their referrals. If referrals use betting platforms actively, the affiliate can earn up to 50% of their NGR. Since this type of program referral affects affiliates’ profits directly, the marketers should try to find advanced bettors for betting companies.

For example, if your commission is 20% and your referral loses $100 on his/her bets, you will receive $20. But at the same time, if the referral manages to generate some profit on the platform, the affiliate marketer will have to pay some of those winnings.

Hybrid sportsbook affiliate program

This program is a combination of the previous two payment models. If affiliates cooperate with the betting platform this way, they can receive money not only for their referrals’ first top-ups but also for the deposits these bettors will make further down the line. On top of that, marketers can increase their payouts by sending more high-quality bettors to betting sites.

Cost per lead program (CPL)

When an affiliate works with this system, betting platforms pay him/her for the generated leads. Most often, referrals need to create an account in order for the marketer to receive a particular fixed payment. Typically, CPL programs have requirements for specific KPI metrics, and online betting affiliates must meet them to earn their referral commission.

Promotion methods of betting affiliate marketing

It is not wondering that the essential idea of every affiliate program is to help increase customers’ engagement and the companies’ revenue. However, it will not become possible without the different promotion methods that affiliate marketing uses. And in this short section, we consider the most common and effective ones.

Website content        

Niche blogs and websites are the popular ways to promote the products. Such webpages owners often use their audience to publish the promotion content from the advertisers. It may be in banners, news articles, schemes, etc.

YouTube video

YouTube bloggers are popular channels for betting promotion. YouTube content creators tell their subscribers about new offers and drive the audience to the wagering platform.


The opinion leaders also play essential roles in audience attraction. They write the review articles with the linked information, which transfers to the betting website or an app.

Social media

Do not forget about the social media platforms that are the most visited virtual places. Each of the popular networks tracks a vast number of users. In this method, there can be used hashtags, popular profiles, posts, etc.

Email marketing

The emailing is different with its extra-personalized approach to each potential customer. Moreover, this method allows for tracking the audiences and their preferences.


Considering the high competition in the industry, marketers often use such tools as SEO promotion. It allows for improving the rating and increasing the audience, as well.

Offers and discounts

Customers are highly attracted to the generous offers and profitable options. That is why discount tools are considered the most effective in online sportsbook affiliate programs.

The benefits of betting affiliate marketing

In some way, you clearly see and understand that betting affiliate marketing has a lot of advantages for betting companies. However, it is always better to be sure that you know all of them.

Access to the foreign markets

Affiliate marketing opens the door to the international space and foreign markets. If the betting operator has a purpose for expanding borders, affiliate marketing is the key.

Brand awareness growth

A brand cannot live if the awareness is minimum. The company must be popular to develop and increase its income via new paying customers. According to the multi-channel mode, the awareness is getting higher.

Better target audience

It is not enough to just promote products and attract any audience without considering their preferences and interests. After the affiliate betting promotion, the company gets the perfect target customer base as the final results.

Minimum risks

One of the main pros for the betting brands is also the payment only after the discussed results. The markers will not be getting paid if there are no new users, no clicks, and no made deposits.

Easy-tracking process

Behind the perfect result are a deep analysis and precise strategy calculations.

Licensing and security of betting affiliate programs

Each sports betting affiliate program’s path is started with the licensing process, which is complicated, exhausting, and time-consuming. However, the detailed guide to this process below will provide a less stressful experience.

The licensing complexity depends on many different factors like the country, licensing authority, gambling legislation system, and gambling advertisement restrictions. However, the experts notice several main difficulties that major affiliate marketers can face.

License fees vary by the market

As was mentioned above, such a factor as the location is significant. The fee rates will be different in each market because of the different gambling regulations, fee systems, and general legislation. It is essential to pay as much time as possible in choosing the country for sports betting affiliate programs.

Limited reach: alternative markets in the illegal countries

Legal gambling is a rare luxury worldwide, what to say about rates. Online wagering is still rarely seen, as well. That is why the licensing of the betting affiliate program can be difficult at this point.

Broken market and geotargeting

Geotargeting targeting plays an essential role in affiliate marketing and its conversion strategy. So it is necessary to set this strategy the most perfect to drive the traffic you need.

Why do bookmakers need affiliate partners?

Betting affiliate marketing does not require a large budget but offers the needed result in the short term. It is an easy way to promote the products, find a new audience, refresh the approach, and increase income. Marketers do all the work with minimum risk, and companies get the wanted traffic that will bring profit for the next years in case of a perfectly set loyalty strategy.

Bookmakers need affiliate partners to develop the brand and push boundaries for little pay and little effort.

The best sports betting affiliate programs

GG Affiliates

GG Affiliates

GG Affiliates is a affiliate program of GG.Bet. This program has been on the gaming market since 2016. The company’s products include sports betting, esports wagering, and an online casino. With GG.Bet, players do not have to worry about security as the website is licensed by the Curacao eGaming Commission.

Within this program, affiliates can 40-60% revenue share commission and up to 300 EUR CPA from the 50 countries. Level up your revenue with GG Affiliates.

888 sports

888 sports

It is one of the leading sports wagering platforms with popular matches, winning teams, and exclusive betting options. One of the main benefits is the high-quality mobile application for the most comfortable experience for the bettors.

Considering the 888 sports affiliate program, the marketers notice the highly rated commission and 30-day cookie files policy. The special customer support manager makes the program even more attractive.



One of the oldest UK sports betting companies has been offering its options since 2000. Except for the wagers, the company services the online casino platform. Thanks to the multi-channel model, the total number of users is counted at around 53 million worldwide.

The marketers’ choice is often made for the Bet365 affiliate program because of the 30% commission for each new driven customer. Talking about the policy of the cookie file, the term is 45 days. And finally, the commission is paid for each made action, including the clicks, deposits, etc.



The 1xbet customer base is one of the largest in the industry. Talking more specifically, there are 400 000 users around the world. The bookmaker offers sports like football, basketball, hockey, etc. Diversity and flexibility are the main definitions of the brand.

The commission rate is 25% for each referral. The interface is also flexible, even in terms of language issues. Users can easily understand the mechanism of the platform, as well.



Since 2000, Betfair has been servicing gamblers on the Internet. The platform is also one of the most popular betting exchanges. Among the offered gambling sectors are bingo, casino, pokers, and wagering. The total number of users globally is over 4 million. Thanks to such popularity, the weekly income is £50 million.

The marketers find the Betfair affiliate program one of the best because of its profitable conditions, like a 30% commission per month. The cookie file policy has a term of 30 days.

5K Betting system

5K Betting system

The online betting service is different from all other platforms with its modern approach and exclusive technologies. The users get a daily email with the latest updates on the sports events of wagering options.

The 5K affiliate program is also different with its special approach and conditions. One of the highest commission rates of 50% is the main attractive factor for marketers worldwide. Converting the percentage rate into the dollar – the sum is $20 for the referral.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power

The extremely popular UK betting brand has been offering its service to millions of users in the native country and around the world.

The affiliates of Paddy power get from £15 to £20 per referral.



Another popular global wagering platform is FanDuel. Among the offers are regular sports like football and volleyball. However, bettors can find even the less famous sports. The main markets of services are Ireland, Tampa bay Downs, and Florida.

The FanDuel affiliate program is as flexible as the company itself. There are two different ways to earn money in this program: CPA with $35 per referral and a revenue share program with 35%.

Betting Gods

Betting Gods

The Betting Gods platform offers wagering options and useful tips for them so the bettors have the best experience with minimum harmful effects. Thanks to this system, the number of the brand’s members is around 120 000 worldwide.

The company’s affiliate program is run through the ClickBank with a $115.31 per sale payout. The commission rate is 50%, and the cookie duration is 50 days.

ZCode System

ZCode System

The ZCode System customers around the world notice the ultra-modern approach to wagering. The predictive technology provides minimum risk, therefore, frequent winnings.

Considering the affiliate program offer, the commission rate is 50% with the 60 days cookie duration. The average amount per sale is also quite surprising compared to others. It is a staggering $632 per sale.

Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer

Betting expert Mike Cruickshank launched his platform to offer a special platform that stands out for its accuracy and variety. Modern technologies and extensive experience together give a unique platform as Profit Maximizer.

The affiliate program is not less unique as the wagering platform itself. The commission rate is one of the highest in the market. 75% leads to the $56 payment per referral.

Draft Kings

Draft Kings

This brand has become popular due to the fantasy sports betting and unusual approach that gives an unforgettable experience for the bettors. The company offers many different events around the world, all possible sports are available for betting, and the betting options themselves are modern and exclusive. In addition to betting, users can play online casinos.

The Draft Kings affiliate program is also attractive for marketers with its profitable offers, like a 40% commission during the first 30 days. Since the day of 31, the revenue share has been changing to 25%, which is highly appreciated in the industry.

Affiliate marketing has become an integral part of the sports betting industry. Affiliates have numerous methods to promote betting platforms, including the rapidly growing social media with its unique features. Given the benefits such as easy access to various markets, minimal financial risk, and excellent audience targeting, top bookmakers cannot ignore this marketing asset in today’s gambling market. Besides that, both marketers and betting companies can always turn to sub-affiliates for better monetization and management.

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