Monetizing Twitch: How Content Creators Earn Income Through Subscriptions, Donations, And Ads

Monetizing Twitch: How Content Creators Earn Income Through Subscriptions, Donations, And Ads

Twitch, a part of Amazon, is one of the best streaming platforms, particularly for the gaming community. The increasing number of active users on the platform is making streamers formulate more innovative strategies to increase their revenue. Monetization is possible on the Twitch platform in various ways, including subscriptions, donations, and ads. Dive deeper to understand in-depth about Twitch monetization and more. 

But it would help if you became a Twitch Partner or Affiliate to be able to monetize your content through subscriptions. Offering exquisite benefits is an excellent way for streamers to encourage viewers to subscribe.


Another excellent way of monetizing your Twitch streams is through donations. The platform has an in-built donation feature called “Bits.” It enables viewers to purchase virtual currency that can be donated to their preferred streamers. 

Streamers must enable the “Cheering” feature to start receiving donations. The steps to enable the Cheering feature are as follows:

  1. Open your Twitch dashboard and proceed to the “Partner Settings” tab.
  2. Choose the “Cheer” option from the left-hand menu.
  3. Toggle the switch to “On” to enable “Cheering.”
  4. You can easily customize your Cheering settings, including the minimum Bits amount required for cheering and the total amount that can be cheered at a time.


Some of the biggest female streamers on Twitch earn their revenue through ads. By running ads on their channels, broadcasters can earn a part of that ad revenue. Once again, streams must be a Twitch Partner or Affiliate to earn revenue through ads. The steps to run ads on your Twitch stream are as follows:

  1. Hit the Stream Manager tab present on the Twitch dashboard.
  2. Hit the “Quick Actions” button and choose “Run Ad.”
  3. You can pick from pre- or mid-roll ads and select the duration of the ad.
  4. Hit “Run Ad” to begin the ad. 

Best Games To Stream On Twitch For New Streamers

As a new streamer, you might wonder which game streams will help you enjoy maximum viewership and high revenue. Some of the best games to stream on Twitch for new streamers are as follows:


Minecraft is an excellent choice for new streamers because of its low difficulty level. It is perfect for streamers with around 10 to 50 concurrent viewers. The game offers vast opportunities to get creative and enables smooth community interaction. 


Fortnite is one of the masterpieces in the gaming world. The simple yet satisfying has a proven record of racking up countless viewership hours and unlimited viewers. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly one of the best games for new Twitch streamers to immerse themselves in a world of fun. 

Money Train

Casino games are top-rated among Twitch streamers. The Money Train slot from Relax Gaming is viral among gambling streamers because of its big wins. Swedish streamer Kim Hultman’s Twitch channel LetsGiveItASpin includes one of the most popular Money Train streaming videos. 

Magic Oak

Magic Oak is a Habanero casino slot popular among Twitch streamers. The game is set in an enchanting forest with wild creatures and a magical money oak. With four reels and eight active lines, the game takes players on a fun adventure. It is one of the best free Habanero slot games to try out in a demo at SlotsUp.

SlotsUp is one of the best platforms to explore various casino games for free in demo mode. The website is filled with reviews about slots to ensure that players find the best ones. With no download, registration, or deposit requirements, players can easily explore slots on SlotsUp and find the best ones to play for real money. 

Top Female Streamers On Twitch

Female streamers are taking the Twitch world by storm. Take a glimpse at the Twitch top female streamers:


If you want to know who is the Queen of Twitch, it is this 24-year Canadian streamer. Pokimane started her streaming journey in 2013. She succeeded by streaming popular titles like Fortnite and League of Legends. 


With almost three million streamers, the Australian streamer shows no signs of slowing down. Her genuine personality can be attributed mainly to her popularity. You can always accuse her of following trends all the time. She identifies as a true gamer who even streams games like Vacation Simulator that people haven’t heard of.


The Puerto Rican streamer belongs to the professional eSports team Team SoloMid “TSM.” The well-respected gamer has participated in tournaments like the Summer Skirmish and Keemstar Friday Fortnight. She is exceptionally skilled at destroying her opponents in all Battle Royal games. 


Alinity is mainly known for playing Apex Legends. She once got into a feud with PewDiePie, one of the biggest Twitch streamers. She often receives criticism from the gaming community, but it only boosts her popularity. 


Leyla is the Twitch streamer responsible for bringing female representation to the slot space. She started her Twitch journey in 2018 but switched to slots in 2020. Her streams give a cozy vibe with cool lights and a sleek aesthetic.

Streamer NameReal Name
PokimaneImane Anys
LoserfruitKathleen Belsten
ChicaliveMaria Lopez
AlinityNatalia Divine Mogollon 
LeylaLeyla Lacombe

Why Are Twitch Streamers Moving To YouTube?

Over the past few months, several Twitch streamers have migrated to YouTube. “Why are Twitch streamers moving to YouTube” is different for individuals. But one of the primary reasons is the financial security on YouTube. 

Streamers on YouTube are not required to worry about subscribers or donations earned in a month. A few significant streamers who have left Twitch for YouTube are as follows:

  • Fuslie
  • FaZe Swagg
  • Myth
  • LilyPichu
  • Ludwig
  • Valkyrie

But it’s crucial to notice that a large number of streamers are maintaining their community on Twitch as well as YouTube. 

Ending Note

A significant advantage for Twitch streamers is the ease of monetizing content. There’s no coming back once you find the best monetization strategy for you and your audience. If you can deliver standard content, earning a sustainable income on Twitch will become easy. You can even find the best Twitch community for new streamers to earn tips about increasing your revenue.     

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