“The Affiliate Marketing Industry Is Incredibly Dynamic, with Shifts in Trends Happening Almost on a Weekly Basis”- Kirill, CPA Affiliate Team Leader at 1win Partners

“The Affiliate Marketing Industry Is Incredibly Dynamic, with Shifts in Trends Happening Almost on a Weekly Basis”- Kirill, CPA Affiliate Team Leader at 1win Partners

In an interview with Kirill, the CPA Affiliate Team Leader at 1win Partners—a direct advertiser in the gambling and betting industry—GBC Time explored the unique aspects of the company’s relationship with affiliates. We delved into how the company promotes its own offer internationally and discussed the differences between in-house and external marketing teams. We also examined the current landscape of traffic sources, identifying those that are most and least effective at this moment.

What are the risks and advantages of promoting your own product via an affiliate program?

Actually, having our own product gives us a distinct advantage and poses no risks for the affiliate program. It allows us to have more control over our brand and operations.

How do you go about finding and attracting partners?

We employ multiple channels, ranging from thematic forums and publications to maintaining a robust social media presence. We also participate in both local and international industry events, like conferences and meetups, to network with existing and potential partners.

How open is 1win Partners to collaboration with potential partners?

We’re very open to collaboration and rarely turn away potential partners. We always offer tests of interesting traffic sources and funnels to encourage partnership. However, we obviously do take a strong stance against fraudulent or scamming partners.

In your experience, which is more profitable to work with, casinos or betting?

I find that casinos are easier to work with. They attract higher traffic and are easier for partners to monetize, making them more profitable in the long run.

How has the affiliate marketing landscape evolved over the past year, especially in the CIS region and other geographies?

The affiliate marketing industry is incredibly dynamic, with shifts in trends happening almost on a weekly basis. This is particularly noticeable in terms of popular traffic sources and new strategies for engaging with them. In the CIS countries, there’s been a notable uptick in collaborations with foreign offers and the exploration of new traffic sources. So, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and adapt to these ever-changing conditions.

How do changes in gambling legislation in various countries impact the activity of webmasters in those regions?

Regulatory changes do have a significant impact on the work of webmasters. The more stringent the regulations, the more challenging it becomes to work with local traffic and monetize it effectively. Stricter rules can complicate payment processing from users, which in turn directly affects marketers’ conversion rates. Additionally, as regulations tighten, we see an increase in the frequency of link and domain blocking. These are just a few of the hurdles one might face in regions with strict regulatory environments.

Can you speak to your player retention strategies?

Our dedicated retention department works hard to ensure we’re one of the most successful products on the market in terms of retaining and returning players. Players who return via a partner’s link are also credited back to that partner.

Do you have an in-house traffic team, or do you rely solely on external partners?

We mainly work with performance-model partners for traffic. Regarding differences between in-house and external traffic, external partners are often more focused on immediate results rather than experimental approaches.

Lastly, which traffic sources do you currently consider the most effective?

Currently, SEO, ASO, and PPC are the frontrunners. They provide the highest quality traffic and offer the best return on investment. However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of each source can be highly individualistic.

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