New Affiliate Program by Affilka Launched with

New Affiliate Program by Affilka Launched with

Affilka (a SoftSwiss product) and have recently announced a partnership in launching their new affiliate program, which they call JustAffiliates. seems to have high expectations from its newfound contract with Affilka. Affilka has been effective in fetching substantial traffic to their partner casino sites, and there have already been two affiliate programs launched in conjunction with Affilka over the last year. Both of these projects aim to increase traffic and partner members for the popular online casino platform named Advabet. Even more recently, a popular online casino called VIP Slot Club teamed up with Affilka to develop their affiliate program, Aff House. mentioned Affilka’s easy-to-use payment automating tool and its commission constructor as being its key features. These functionalities were the reason why the casino chose Affilka as its preferred solution over other affiliate marketing products in the market.

The Head of Affiliates at JustAffiliates stated that they would like to extend thanks to Affilka team members for their continued expertise and dedication to customer service throughout the introduction of the JustAffiliates affiliate program. The Head of Affiliates further stated that they have already experienced the perks of working with the Affilka solution and can thus be confident in saying that has taken the right course of action.

Affilka was developed and launched by SoftSwiss in 2018. SoftSwiss names the affiliate program as a cross-functional solution for quick online casino brand marketing. specializes in slots and live tables based in Curacao, mainly focusing on cryptocurrency. Nowadays, deposits and withdrawals with fiat currency when playing at an online casino (irrespective of the jurisdiction you are playing in) can present a fair amount of unnecessary stress. This is where using BTC and other altcoins come in handy because payments are made effortlessly, swiftly, and, best of all, securely. So, it is no surprise that the number of online casinos providing such payment methods has increased.

Affilka Product Owner Makes Statement

The product owner of Affilka is Anastasia Borovaya, who made a statement expressing that she was glad to partner with and that JustAffiliates would be Affilka’s first 2022 affiliate program. She further stated that the iGaming industry was one with fierce competition. Therefore, businesses needed to partner up with the most reputed, goal-oriented, and trustworthy entities to get ahead of the curve. Borovaya went on to say that Affilka is the perfect cross-platform marketing solution for iGaming brands at this time. The fact that the product has over a hundred happy customers worldwide bears testimony to its success, Borovaya stated.

The perks of bitcoin casinos for end-users

The online casino industry has cutthroat competition in all markets where online gambling is officially allowed. In the last half a decade or so, online casino enthusiasts have witnessed the advent of Bitcoin casinos like Many online casino players that are not familiar with cryptocurrencies and how to use them are apprehensive about signing up and playing at such online casinos. However, by avoiding bitcoin casinos, players miss out on a diverse range of practical benefits. Bitcoin has many advantages, especially in the context of online gambling. Let us look at some of the perks that Bitcoin casinos offer, which traditional online casinos cannot offer.

Privacy and anonymity

When making a payment using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for online gambling, the player does not divulge any information. All they need to do is copy the public crypto wallet address of the casino and make a payment to that address from their bitcoin wallet.

Even when making a withdrawal, the player needs to provide the casino operator with their wallet public address, and any further personal or contact information is not required. This way, the player’s credit card statement or bank statement will not reflect any debits or credits related to online gambling, and many online gamblers prefer this.

High speed and low fees

Another key advantage of using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for online casino deposits is that these transactions are processed at a lightning pace. The approval is instantaneous, and the approved amount is available in your online casino cashier account within minutes. Furthermore, traditional internet casinos are tarnished by their exorbitant transaction and deposit fees. To add salt to injury, gamblers must also contend with a plethora of taxes and fees, which significantly influence overall gains. Since transaction fees are either nil or low in Bitcoin casinos, most of these expenditures are almost eliminated.

Bitcoin casinos are also unregulated by any payment service or organization, resulting in significantly lower transaction costs. Low withdrawal and deposit fees are also common, making Bitcoin casinos more appealing to gamblers than regular casinos.

There is a slew of other advantages to playing at a Bitcoin casino, some of the other prominent perks worthy of mentioning include – exclusive bitcoin bonuses and tournaments, bitcoin can be used from anywhere in the world without having to worry about the bank declining the transaction since it is related to an online gambling merchant, bitcoin casinos have short and quick sign up processes, etc.

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