PST.NET Payment Solution for Affiliate Marketers

PST.NET Payment Solution for Affiliate Marketers

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is frequently hard to provide a reliable payment solution for advertising spendings. Numerous bans and difficulty of getting “durable” payment cards are no longer a threat to the professional affiliate marketers, thanks to the service called PST.NET.

In 2022, affiliates had a particularly hard time. Facebook and other advertising platforms launched a stronger security system and more thorough verification of payments. These checks resulted in many bans for the reason of risk payment.

The “Risk Payment” Problem

To counter bans for risk payment, it is not enough to use private proxies, anti-detect browsers, and other technical means. In addition to IP and browser fingerprints, there is another important factor that is often overlooked. This factor is the “purity” of the payment card BIN (Bank Identification Number). If the cards with certain BIN are actively used for black affiliate promotion, trustworthiness of that BIN drops.

Anti-fraud systems on advertising platform check BIN for any cases of unpaid bills, abandoned accounts and black hat / grey hat advertising. Such factors will lead to serious account limitations such as lower daily spending limits, billing thresholds and risk payment bans.

What is PST.NET?

PST.NET is a large financial service that issues payment cards in virtual form. The advantage of the cards is that they pass all anti-fraud checks and work with all advertising platforms. In order to provide customers with everything they need, PST.NET has come with several game changing features:

  • All issued cards have a physical equivalent and are issued in a virtual format;
  • All issued cards have “clean” and exclusive BINs;
  • One of the lowest commissions for topping up the account on the market;
  • Generous affiliate program with profitable terms.

There are only three simple steps to start the work: users just need to sign up, add funds and they are ready to spend their funds on advertising or any other services. The process of obtaining the first card takes around 1-2 minutes. Payment cards can be deposited with cryptocurrency (BTC and USDT). Withdrawals in USDT are also available. Marketers will get another essential advantage such as 3-D Secure cards that allow them to pay for almost all services around the world.

PST.NET’s payment model is distinguished by its favorable conditions. Commission for topping up the accounts starts from 2.9%, price for payment card issuance starts from $10.

A user-friendly interface allows users to easily figure everything out. All the advanced functionality necessary for professionals is also available. Moreover, translation in 13 languages vanishes the boundaries for all clients worldwide. There is also a telegram bot which provides service notifications. Service is constantly developing new features and special functionality for teamwork is expected to be available within a couple of weeks from now.

Referral program will provide additional way to make money. Participants of the program will receive $5 for the first card issued by referrals, as well as 30% of the issuance cost of all their cards with additional 20% bonus from service commissions.

Special Offer for GBC Time Readers

Our readers can get the fifth payment card from the service for free. Just type GBCTIME passcode in the support chat on the PST.NET website.

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