25 Affiliate Programs with the Highest Payouts

25 Affiliate Programs with the Highest Payouts

 Affiliate marketing is a lucrative vertical that attracts digital creators and online marketers of any type. The freedom of remote work and wide selection of different verticals to tap into are important drivers for the growing popularity of affiliate marketing. The most valuable factor, however, is the generous payouts affiliates get for promoting the partner websites. To do this more efficiently, digital marketers choose to work with affiliate networks, where they can drive traffic to the world’s most renowned brands. In this GBC Time article, you will know what are the top 25 highest paying affiliate programs.

It is already known that the affiliate marketing industry is super profitable, but what about the different verticals of this huge market? The data from Statista shows that in 2021, the biggest share of total affiliate revenue came from the retail sector (44%), which includes eCommerce. The other lucrative niches include telecommunications and media and travel and leisure.

All of these niches are covered in our list of the top 25 most profitable affiliate programs in 2022. Besides, we are going to explore some of the best high paying affiliate programs for beginners and experienced publishers. So, keep reading if this is something you are interested in.

25 High Paying Affiliate Programs

1SemRush$200 for a subscription;$10 for a trial;$0.01 for a sign-up.
2SpyFu40% monthly commission.
3Mangools30% lifetime commission.
4SEO PowerSuite33% on initial purchases and renewals.
5HubSpot15% recurring rate or 100% flat rate.
6NinjaOutreach20% monthly recurring commission.
7Instapage50% revshare on the 1st sale + 30% on the recurring sales.
8Kajabi30% lifetime revenue share.
9Get Response33% revenue share or $100 CPA for each sale.
10ConverKit30% recurring commission for 24 months.
11NordVPN1 month 100% for new signup + 30% for renewal;6mo/1-year/2-year 40% for new signup + 30% for renewal.
12SurfShark40% revenue share on new sales.
13ExpressVPN$13 per client in a 1-month plan;$22 per client in a 6-months plan;$36 per client in a 12-months plan.
14Pure VPN100% on monthly subscription;40% on other plans;35% recurring commission.
15Strong VPNUp to 200% on sales.
16SiteGround€40/sale for 1-5 sales a month;€60/sale for 6-10 sales a month;€75/sale for 11-20 sales per month;Custom commission for21+ sales a month
17Bluehost$65 per sale.
18Wix$100 for every new user.
19Hostinger60% of each eligible sale.
20Liquid Web150% of each sale ($150 – $7 000).
21Kinsta$50-$500 for every sign-up + 10% monthly revenue share.
21WP EngineSingle payment for sign-ups, starting at $200 per sale.
22Elementor$70 CPA or 50% on every sale.
23ThriveThemes35% for all new sales + 25% recurring lifetime revshare.
24Superb Themes60% for every referral + yearly recurring commissions.

Top SEO Affiliate Programs

Search engine optimization is one of the most common and profitable niches of marketing. According to recent statistics, ad spending in the search advertising niche is expected to grow to $260 billion in 2022. So, it is no wonder that some of the world’s highest paying affiliate programs are in the SEO vertical. Let us review some of these offers.


If you want to join the world of SEO, social media marketing, and PPC as an affiliate, the SemRush program is the perfect start. Launched by one of the most prominent marketing brands, which is currently used by over 10 million people from all over the world.  The company toolbox includes over 40 efficient features for digital marketing.

According to SemRush, their affiliate program is an ideal match for content publishers, SEO specialists, course creators, marketing agencies, and full-stack marketers. The program runs on the Impact Radius platform, which makes it extremely easy to use. Upon registration, affiliates can access a library of exclusive creatives from SemRush. The payouts are made every 20 days.

Pro$200 for every new subscription sale;$10 for every new trial;$0.01 for every new sign-up.


This is a highly popular SEO tool that has launched its affiliate program. SpyFu’s products involve a wide selection of marketing tools from SEO and PPC ads to customized reports on the marketing campaigns. So, if this is the niche you are interested in, try out the SpyFu affiliate program. The company pays its publishers a lucrative 40% of the referred customer’s revenue (for the client’s lifetime), which makes it one of the high-paying affiliate programs.

SpyFu affiliates can make payouts two times a month via PayPal or wire transfer. To withdraw your earnings, you have to get at least $100 in credits. The other perks of the program include pre-edited banners, a turnover rate of less than 4%, and a 2.5% conversion rate for clients using affiliate rates.

Basic40% RevShare ($15.6 per customer)
Professional40% RevShare ($31.2 per customer)
Team40% RevShare ($119.6 per customer)


Mangools is the progressive SEO toolkit. Since 2014, the company which helps marketers with:

  • Keyword research;
  • SERP analysis;
  • Tracking of ranking;
  • Analyzing backlinks;
  • SEO insights and metrics.

So, if you are a digital publisher, marketer, or influencer be sure to check out this affiliate program with extremely high commissions. According to Mangools’ official website, on average, an affiliate earns $487 every month with the program. And with the 30% lifetime commission, you can get as much as $613.03 every month. The payouts are processed via PayPal and can be made once you reach $150 in the account.

Unlike most programs on this list, Mangools does not have any approval process, so you can start driving traffic right away. After registering on the website, new affiliates can use Mangoo’s promo materials, including static and dynamic banners, as well as codes with their unique ID.

  • Commission type: Lifetime revshare –  30%.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days.
  • Plans & commissions: Basic ($14.7 per customer), Premium ($20.7 per customer), Agency ($38.7 per customer).
  • Sign-up link: https://mangools.com/users/sign_in
Monthly basic30% RevShare ($14.7 per customer)
Monthly premium30% RevShare ($20.7 per customer)
Monthly agency30% RevShare ($38.7 per customer)
Annual basic30% RevShare ($107.64 per customer)
Annual premium30% RevShare ($143.64 per customer)
Annual agency30% RevShare ($1287.64 per customer)

SEO PowerSuite

As the name of the company suggests, SEO PowerSuite provides all-in-one software for search optimization. Also known as Link Assistant, the company runs an affiliate program with one of the best commission rates in the SEO market. SEO PowerSuite pays its publishers 33% of the referred customers on initial and recurring purchases. Considering the company’s pricing plans, you can earn up to $200 for a single sale.

All SEO PowerSuite affiliates also get high converting marketing resources as well as tracking and reporting on their sales. The cookie lifetime is also rather long.

Professional (annual)33% RevShare ($119.6 per client)
Enterprise (annual)33% RevShare ($199.6 per client)

Six high paying affiliate marketing programs


One of the largest CRM platforms with over 100 000 customers, Hubspot, also has its affiliate program. Moreover, it is one of the top 10 high paying affiliate programs, as partners can earn up to $1 000 per one sale, and the average payout is $276.

Affiliates can choose between a recurring 15% RevShare rate or a 100% flat rate for the first month.

  • Commission type: 15% recurring rate (up to 1 year) or 100% flat rate (on the first month’s revenue).
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Plans & commissions: Starter/Basic ($250 per client), Professional/CMS ($500 per client), Enterprise ($1 000 per client).
  • Sign-up link: https://www.hubspot.com/partners/affiliates
Starter/Basic$250 per client
Professional/CMS$500 per client
Enterprise$1 000 per client


If you are a pro in influencer marketing, check out the affiliate deal from Ninja Outreach. The company specializes in providing all-in-one solutions for influencer marketing, which helps find social media bloggers and business profiles.

The program boasts a 20% monthly recurring commission, which allows you to earn up to $40 per client. The minimum payout is $100 and the company pays its affiliates once a month. Extensive creatives’ libraries and lengthy cookie duration are also one of the reasons why affiliates love this program.

  • Commission type: RevShare – 20% monthly recurring commissions.
  • Cookie duration: 180 days.
  • Plans & commissions: Flex ($23.8 for each client), Pro ($39.8 for each client).
  • Sign-up link: https://ninjaoutreach.com/Affiliate
Flex$23.8 per month for each client
Pro$39.8 per month for each client


Instapage is a smart tool that helps advertisers around the globe maximize their conversions, making digital ads more profitable. The company has been in the market for 10 years, since 2012, and has its own affiliate program.

Instapage program has RevShare-based payments, with one of the highest commission rates in the market – 50% for the first sale and 30% on the sales during the client’s lifetime. Affiliates get monthly payouts via PayPal.

  • Commission type: 50% on the first payment & 30% lifetime RevShare on self-serve plans.
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Plans & commissions: Building ($299/month with 50%+30% commission), Converting (customized).
  • Sign-up link: https://instapage.partnerstack.com/?group=newaffiliateswebsite
Building$149.5 for the 1st sale + $89.7 for recurring sales
Converting50% for the 1st sale + 30% on recurring sales


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for business marketing solutions. The company provides tools for marketing campaigns, online courses, etc. Consequently, it also has one of the best partner programs in the marketing niche of 2022.

Kajabi pays digital creators and other affiliates a 30% lifetime RevShare commission for the clients they refer. Payments are conveniently made via PayPal on the 25th of each month.

The program also has nine affiliate tiers: from Starter to Legend. Each referred sale gets you closer to a new level and more rewards.

 Affiliates also get access to a set of marketing resources they can use for a promotional campaign. Digital publishers can take advantage of webinars, email templates, and a range of help articles.

  • Commission type: Lifetime RevShare – 30%.
  • Cookie duration: 90 days.
  • Plans & commissions: Basic $44.7, Growth $59.7, Pro $119.7
  • Sign-up link: https://partners.kajabi.com/

Get Response

Get Response is a powerful all-in-one tool for marketing automation, which helps with email campaigns, landing pages, funnels, webinar hosting, push notifications, etc.

The company also pays a commission for referring new clients to their website. Unlike most of the high paying affiliate marketing programs on this list, Get Response allows its publishers to choose the commission type they prefer:

  1. Recurring program – 33% revenue share, which is paid out every month;
  2. Bounty program (or CPA) – $100 for each sale.
  • Commission type: 33% Revenue Share or $100 CPA
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Plans & commissions: Basic – $4.95 recurring or $100 CPA, Plus – $16.17 recurring or $100 CPA, Professional – $32.67 recurring or $100 CPA, Enterprise custom pricing.
  • Sign-up link: https://www.getresponse.com/affiliate-programs
Basic$4.95 recurring commission or $100 one-time payment
Plus$16.17 recurring commission or $100 one-time payment
Professional$32.67 recurring commission or $100 one-time payment
EnterpriseCustom pricing


This email marketing company has a partner program for influences, bloggers, and other creators who want to promote such a product. ConvertKit program works on a revenue share basis, and affiliates get 30% of each sale for 24 months.

Unlike other programs on this list, ConvertKit also educates inexperienced affiliates and has a training course with useful webinars, graphic materials, and videos.

  • Commission type: 30% recurring commission for 24 months.
  • Cookie duration: 60 days.
  • Plans & commissions: Complete plan for 1k subs – $8.7/month, Complete plan for 3k subs – $14.7/month, Complete plan for 90k subs – $1 199.7/month
  • Sign-up link: https://app.linkmink.com/a/convertkit/195
Complete plan for 1 000 subscribers$8.7 per month
Complete plan for 3 000 subscribers$14.7 per month
Complete plan for 90 000 subscribers$1 199.7 per month

Top five high paying VPN affiliate programs


When it comes to virtual private networks, NordVPN cannot be omitted. The leading company in the VPN market, it also has a superb offer for digital publishers. First of all, the program has an extremely high acceptance rate, as 95% of affiliates that left an application on the website became company partners. It is also a global company, which converts all GEOs and traffic formats. Besides, exclusive promo materials and brand reputation allow getting superb conversion rates.

The payout threshold is also low, compared to other programs on this list, and is just $50. At the same time, cookie lifetime is rather low – just 30 days. NordVPN pays its affiliates a fixed % of the client’s revenue. The exact rate, however, depends on the plan the client chose.

  • Commission type: RevShare, the exact rate depends on the subscription plan.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days.
  • Plans & commissions: 1-month (100% for new signup + 30% for renewal), 6-mo/1-year/2-year (40% for new signup + 30% for renewal).
  • Sign-up link: https://nordvpn.com/affiliate/
1-month offer100% for new signup + 30% for renewal
6-month offer40% for new signup + 30% for renewal
1-year offer40% for new signup + 30% for renewal
2-year offer40% for new signup + 30% for renewal


Another famous VPN brand – SurfShark – has also launched its own affiliate program. The well-established reputation of the company and high payout rates have attracted over 5 600 digital publishers and influencers to the website. Besides, the brand is available worldwide and is translated into 17 languages. The cookie duration, however, is rather short – 30 days.

SurfShark pays one of the highest RevShare commissions in the VPN affiliate market – 40%, and the exact size of it depends on the chosen plan. The minimum payment is $100.

  • Commission type: 40% RevShare on new sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Plans & commissions: 1 month ($5.18), 12 months ($19.15), 24 months ($23.9).
  • Sign-up link: https://surfshark.com/affiliate
1 month$5.18
12 months$19.15
24 months$23.9

Express VPN

Available in over 90 countries, Express VPN is a well-known and trusted online provider that has been in the market since 2009. So, there is no wonder that its partner program has made our highest paying affiliate programs list.

The company has one-time payments for the new referred clients, the exact payout sum depends on the plan a client purchased – for 1, 6, or 12 months. The program is also known for fast payouts and an extensive library of creatives.

1 month$13 per client
6 months$22 per client
12 months$36 per client

Pure VPN

Launched back in 2007, this VPN service is among the most popular and well-trusted in the market. PureVPN is used by over 3 million people in different countries. With this reputation, it is no wonder that PureVPN Affiliate is also known as a prestigious and high-paying program. As of 2022, over 100 000 digital creators were collaborating with the company as affiliates. The program is best suited for:

  • Affiliate networks;
  • Influencers;
  • App marketing teams;
  • Crypto communities.

With this program, affiliates can have a fixed percentage of the sales, up to 100%. This makes PureVPN Affiliates one of the most lucrative programs. Moreover, the publishers get regular bonuses and other incentives from the company. There is also a referral program for other affiliates to join.

On the dashboard, affiliates can keep track of their traffic, links, and sales in real-time. If any issue arises, you can contact the support team, which works round-the-clock. The payouts are processed via PayPal or bank in mere hours. Affiliates get paid every month, and payouts are distributed between the 15th and 20th.

Monthly subscription100% revenue share
Other plans40% revenue share
Recurring commission35% revenue share


StrongVPN has been in the market since 2006 and has established a great reputation and attracted a global audience. Its affiliate program is also popular due to its high payouts and a 200% commission rate.

Strong VPN pays its affiliates every month between the 20th and the end of the month. Once the balance reaches a $100 threshold, the publisher gets a PayPal transfer. Affiliates can also get 24/7 reporting, manager help, and webmaster services.

Annual planUp to $87.99
Monthly planUp to $21.98

Highest paying web hosting affiliate programs


SiteGround is the undisputable leader in the web hosting market. The company provides innovative technologies to small businesses and large enterprises. SiteGorund’s services include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, email hosting, solutions for enterprises, and domain registration.

The affiliate program from SiteGround has two major benefits:

  1. High affiliate commissions, starting from €40 per sale. The more sales you have per month, the higher your payouts are.
  2. Weekly payments with no minimum limit. So, you can withdraw your earnings almost instantly.

SiteGround also provides its affiliates will all necessary materials for the marketing campaigns like banners, screenshots, etc. You can also get hosting for 1 month and a custom landing page for the most active publishers.

  • Commission type: CPS.
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Plans & commissions: 1-5 sales/month – €40/sale, 6-10 sales/month – €60/sale, 11-20 sales/month – €75/sale, 21+ sales/month – custom commission.
  • Sign-up link: https://www.siteground.com/affiliates
1-5 sales in a month€40 per sale
6-10 sales in a month€60 per sale
11-20 sales in a month€75 per sale
21+ sales in a monthCustom commission


Bluehost is one of the hottest hosting platforms in the market. Known for its reasonable prices, the company offers various services, including hosting for WordPress.

Bluehost also has an affiliate program, which is praised for its high commissions. Publishers get paid on the CPA model, earning $65 for each referred sale. According to the company site, it paid out $5 million to affiliates just in 2020. Bluehost also offers a great library of creatives, so affiliates can easily promote the product. Partners also can choose from dozens of banners, ad templates, etc. Also, each affiliate is assigned a manager that is available 24/7

There are, however, some downsides to the program. For instance, affiliates get paid through PayPal, ACH, or bank transfer only once every month, and the minimum payout limit is $100.

Hosting sale$65


When talking about affiliate programs from hosting companies, we could not ignore Wix. Being one of the most recognizable multi-cloud web hosting services in the market with over 200 million clients, Wix also offers lucrative deals for digital publishers that promote their websites.

When affiliates are just starting out on the platform, they get $100 per sale right away. It should be noted, however, that this works when a referred client purchases the Wix premium plan. And affiliates cannot promote any sales on the website. Moreover, the minimum withdrawal limit is rather high – $300.

Within the program, digital publishers can access the library of creative resources that are constantly updating.  Besides, the intellectual dashboard helps affiliates to keep track of their campaigns and get customized reports in real-time.

Premium$100 per user


This is another affiliate program from a hosting provider. Launched in 2004, Hostinger also offers Internet domain registration, SSD storage, and more. The company’s partner program is known for the high commission rates, starting from 60% per sale. And after you recommend more than 15 people to the service, your rate increases to 65%.

Affiliates can withdraw their commissions via PayPal 30 days after the purchase is complete, with the minimum limit set at $100. It rises even higher for bank transfers – $500 for a single payout.

One of the best things about this program, though, is a smart control panel that can help track your conversions, campaigns, and sales.

  • Commission type: Single payment, 60% for each eligible sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Plans & commissions: Single $1.19/month, Premium $2.99/month, Business $4.99/month.
  • Sign-up link: https://affiliates.hostinger.com/signup
Single $1.99/month$1.19/month
Premium $2.99/month$1.79/month
Business $4.99/month$2.99/month

Liquid Web

This company has opened its own affiliate program, offering the highest CPA commissions in the market. Liquid Web pays its affiliates 150% of the monthly cost for each referred client. The exact payout sum depends on the purchased plan but the commissions range from $150 to $7 000. There is also a 50% bonus on prepaid plans.

The company also provides custom-made content and materials, as well as landing pages. Affiliates also get exclusive sales, promotions, and free giveaways to attract more potential clients.

Those who do not want to become Liquid Web affiliates, can participate in the referral program and get $100 for each new partner.

Managed WordPress$150 – 2k
Managed WooCommerce$150 – 3k
VPS Hosting$150 – 300
Dedicated Hosting$150 – 7k
Cloud Hosting$150 – 5k

High paying WordPress affiliate programs



Kinsta is one of the market leaders in the WordPress hosting business with over 24.4k clients. The company also has an affiliate program with one of the most lucrative payouts ever. The program is a perfect match for more experienced affiliates who can sell high-paying products. On the website, publishers can download banners, track their results in real-time, and even learn more about the niche.

For payouts, Kinsta has adopted a hybrid model, where affiliates paid up to $500 for the sign-up and receive 10% of the customer’s revenue for the rest of the time. Payments are made every month via PayPal.

  • Commission type: Hybrid – $50-$500 for every sign-up + 10% monthly RevShare.
  • Cookie duration: 60 days.
  • Plans and commissions: Starter ($50), Pro ($100), Business ($150), Enterprise ($500).
  • Sign-up link: https://affiliate.kinsta.com/register

WP Engine

With 1.2 million websites using its services, WP Engine was bound to be included in our list of the most profitable WordPress partner programs. Digital publishers get a one-time payment for every new customer they bring in, and the commission starts at $200 for a single client. The company also has an option of promoting its other project, Studio Press, for which affiliates get 35% per sale.

Apart from being an affiliate yourself, you can refer new marketers to the program and earn $50 for every new sale they make. WP Engine also provides incentive bonuses for affiliates who make at least 5 sales a month.

All payouts are processed via PayPal. Payments are made on the 20th of each month.

  • Commission type: CPS, WP Engine – $200-290, StudioPress – 35% of every purchase.
  • Cookie duration: 180 days.
  • Plans & commissions: Startup – $200, Scale – $290, Revolution Pro – $45.48.
  • Sign-up link: https://wpengine.com/partners/affiliate/#register
Revolution Pro$45.48


When talking about high paying affiliate programs, we could not omit Elementor – a service that powers 8% of websites in the world. It also has one of the most profitable programs for affiliates. According to the company, this program is suitable for all kinds of digital creators:

  • Content creators;
  • Web educators;
  • Digital entrepreneurs;
  • WordPress developers;
  • Marketing experts and agencies.

Elementor pays affiliates on a CPA basis, and the exact size of the commission depends on the plan the client purchased. The payment threshold, however, is rather high and set at $200.

Elementor Cloud website$70 for every subscriber
Elementor Pro Plugin50% for every sale
1 PRO$24.5
25 PRO$99.5
1000 PRO$199.5 ($499.5 for the second year)


This company provides plugins, themes, and tools for WordPress while helping create landing pages, funnels, quizzes, and online courses. ThriveThemes also has an amazing partner program, where you can earn both a one-time CPA commission and a lifetime revenue share commission. The minimum payment is $61.25 for each sale (+25% RevShare). There is also a VIP program for the most successful affiliates.

The other advantage of this program is a low payment threshold, which is just $20 a month. So, you can start earning money right away. Payments are made on the 1st day of every month. ThriveThemes also provides affiliates with all kinds of marketing materials from banners to email templates, and there is even training for affiliates.

  • Commission type: Hybrid: 35% for all new sales + 25% recurring lifetime revshare.
  • Cookie duration: 2 years.
  • Plans and commissions: 1 sale $61.25, 5 sales $306.25, 10 sales $612.5, 20 sales $1 225, 50 sales $3 062.5, 100 sales $6 125.
  • Sign-up link: https://thrivethemes.com/affiliate-quiz/
1 Sale$61.25
5 Sales$306.25
10 Sales$612.5
20 Sales$1 225
50 Sales$3 062.5
100 Sales$6 125

Superb Themes

As the name of this company suggests, it provides WordPress themes and offers a lot of additional content on the topic. You can also get paid for promoting this business as an affiliate. With a 60% commission rate, it can be rightfully called one of the most lucrative programs in its niche.

Superb Themes assigns a dedicated manager to each affiliate and offers the set of creatives that are already ready to use. The minimum payment limit is, however, a bit high and is set a $200.

Business subscription$55.2
Lifetime access$149.4

How to choose the highest paying affiliate programs?

In the modern affiliate market, are so many programs that it is challenging to find the most suitable for you. So, here, we have listed the most important factors to look out for in a partner program. After reading this, you will how to find high paying affiliate programs in 2022.

Commission rates

The most important thing for every affiliate is how much they are going to get paid for their services. Nowadays, affiliate programs offer several payout variants:

  • Recurring lifetime commission, or a % of the sales, which is also called revenue share;
  • One-time payment for certain actions (usually, a sale, a registration, a website visit, etc.), called cost per action;
  • The combination of these methods, or a hybrid model.

It is advised to look not only at the payout rate but also at the payment model.


A conversion rate shows how often a user becomes a paying customer on the website. It shows affiliates how much they can really earn on this website. The rate can be found in the company’s reports on smart dashboards. Some affiliates also count conversions by themselves. On average, the rate of 0.5% is deemed acceptable.

Acceptance rate

An affiliate needs to understand whether they will be accepted in the program at all. Most of the networks, however, do not share their rates keeping them private.

Cookie duration

The longer the cookie duration on the website, the higher are affiliate’s chances to convert traffic. 30 days is the industry standard, and all the best programs have at least 90 days for performance tracking.

Payment terms and conditions

High commissions are great but do not forget that you have to withdraw your earnings. Before signing up for an affiliate program, check how it handles the payments. Most of the affiliate programs make payouts on the monthly basis and have a minimum payment limit of $50-100.

Final words

Affiliate marketing is a promising and lucrative niche, where digital publishers can earn big sums while promoting world-class brands. Hopefully, our high paying affiliate programs review was of use to you.

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