The Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Click

The Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Click

Affiliate marketing can be the second breath for any business. There are tons of benefits that make the affiliate programs the best ways to promote the service ad products. In this article, you will find the list of the top affiliate programs that pay per click in 2022.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the leading promotion types for businesses around the world. Among the main reasons are effectiveness, satisfying performance, and a comfortable form of working and communication both for the client and the advertiser. But still, it is essential to fully understand the process and the whole formula of affiliate marketing promotion.

Affiliate marketing is the process, which implies publishers earn commission by promoting products or services made by retailers or advertisers. An affiliate partner gets a payout for proving results to the retailers and advertisers.

At the first sight, it looks really easy and understandable. And it keeps being simple if you are fully aware of each role in this process.

Talking about affiliate programs, it is important to mention that mostly they are free to join So here is the first attractive factor for people to become a part of an affiliate program. provided that everything is done correctly, it may be transformed into constant online earnings online.

In which ways products and services are being promoted?

Affiliate marketing implies the link to the product of the service being located on the website, block, podcast, or any other platforms of social media. Affiliates get the commission every time when any potential customer makes a purchase of this product promoted through the unique link connected to the recommendation.

Below, you will find a full guide to the affiliate programs, their pros and cons, and the working processes. Moreover, you will find the top list of affiliate marketing programs that pay per click in 2022.

What is affiliate program that pay per click?

As already mentioned above, one of the main attractive factors in affiliate marketing is the constant and stable income. However, it may be not just stable, but passive as well. Passive earning is a massive dream in modern reality when people want to get money just for doing nothing. Of course, affiliate marketing is not about laziness but it is close to passive income.

Affiliate programs per click may be described in three stages:

  1. You drive traffic and the subscribers;
  2. Your followers click the promotion;
  3. You get money.

The main purpose of any affiliate program per click is to monetize the website and drive the traffic directly to the advertisers.

In other words, a pay-per-click affiliate program, or PPC, is an affiliate marketing model, which implies partners and publishers get income by users clicking the promotion links.

How does it make users click?

Usually, there are a few areas on the screen, where users look at the most. The main task for the marketers is to localize this link at the place, which is most noticeable for the website visitor. As soon as the user is interested in this product or service and clicks the link, the payout is already on its way to the affiliate.

PPC affiliate programs are also attractive since they are perfectly working to monetize the website.

The PPC networks work both with the publishers and advertisers as well. Advertiser joins the network to have an access to the publisher’s website to place the promotion.

The PPC income is measured in RPM – rate per mile. It is considered to be an estimate of the rate you can expect to earn per 1 000 visitors.

The best pay-per-click affiliate programs

If you are interested in joining this type of affiliate program, here are the top PPC affiliate programs with the ultimate guide to their schemes, pros, and cons.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is considered to be one of the leading affiliate programs in this category thanks to the attractive terms. This program is perfect for new websites with low traffic. It is also important to mention that Google AdSense does not require minimum traffic.

This program is great to be a start in affiliate marketing, and the commission rate is another reason for this opinion. The commission rate per click may be variated from a bare minimum to $10 and even more.

However, despite all the advantages, Google AdSense also has some cons. The main one is the payout threshold, especially in cases of low traffic, which is calculated to be $100. Therefore, if your commission rate is lower than $1, it must take some time for you to see some income.

YouTube bloggers and social media content creators will see the perspective and efficiency of this affiliate program.

Payment Threshold$100
Minimum traffic requirementsNone
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsno


Sovrn may be also known as VigLinks, which has always been incredibly effective for publishers and websites with low traffic. This program gives a lot of opportunities to get started in affiliate marketing successfully and not disappoint in it.

There is also no minimum traffic requirement, so it is one of the main benefits. However, there is another one, that may affect your choice. This program includes a more suitable payout threshold, compared to Google AdSense. The sum is variated from $10 to $50, depending on the payment method you choose.

Despite the lack of requirement to the traffic minimum, there is a requirement for the content type. That may probably complicate the process for some websites. There are limits for 18+ content, offensive language, and anything illegal. Moreover, content must be unique and original.

Payment Threshold$10 for PayPal
Minimum traffic requirementsNone
Payment FrequencyNet 90
Referral program + conditionsyes


This network is perfectly suitable for partners, who want to monetize their content through affiliate links from different affiliate programs and networks.

The main peculiarity of the SkimLinks program is the automatic transformation from a commerce link on the website to an affiliate one.

Through the SkimLinks platform, you will get access to more than 50 affiliate networks.

Talking about the payout system, there is one special scheme – 75/25, which means 75% of affiliate commission through SkimLinks. And 25% are going to the platform.

There is also no requirement for minimum traffic, but still, higher traffic will get you a higher income through the program.

Payment Threshold$65
Minimum traffic requirementsNone
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsyes


The next one on the list of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs is similar to the previous one. Infolinks is suitable for newbies in affiliate marketing. You will also get more results by using Infolinks additionally to Google AdSense. This step may also increase the potential income.

One of the main benefits is free access to join the program. Everything you need to do is paste a code into the website.

Considering the client base of this affiliate program, it is becoming clearer that Infolinks is more than just trust. The list of clients includes Verizon, Mastercard, Microsoft, and others.

Additionally, to the advantage of using this program with another program like Google AdSense, there is another benefit as well. The Infolinks program offers a service of real-time traffic tracking. This is a guarantee of a more suitable promotion, which will be more effective. The website visitors will see the promotion with more potential of clicking the link.

Payment Threshold$50
Minimum traffic requirementsNone
Payment FrequencyNet 45
Referral program + conditionsyes


This is the first CPA network on this list, but still, it is worth your attention, too. What does CPA mean? The RevenueHits affiliate program pays to the affiliates, when the website visitor does the needed action like sill the form, send the email, etc.

This might be a little different from the PPC, but the earnings might be even higher. And this is one of the dominant motivations to use this program.

Talking about the promotion type, RevenueHits promotes content through pop-ups, sliders, etc. Such promotions are always noticeable for website visitors because they may be animated and dynamic.

If you prefer to do everything on your own, this is another reason to choose this program. RevenueHits is a self-serve platform, which makes it freer for clients.

Payment Threshold$20
Minimum traffic requirementsNone
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsyes

Propeller Ads

This is one of the lowest payment threshold PPC affiliate programs in the market. Propeller Ads offers a lot of promotional formats to the clients like banners, direct links, and others. Talking about the main benefits of this affiliate program, the experts not the fast-term payout. Compared to other programs, it might be one of the fastest payouts ever.

What about the minimum payout? The minimum sum is calculated to be $5, which is paid every Tuesday.

It is also a perfect program for beginners with low traffic, because of the lack of any requirements. If a majority of the affiliate programs have the criteria for the content, this one prefers the diversify, therefore, any content type is welcomed.

The affiliate program officials guarantee a 100% bypass of the ads ban, which must significantly increase your income.

Payment Threshold$5
Minimum traffic requirementsNone
Payment FrequencyEvery week
Referral program + conditionsyes


This affiliate program would be great for popular and confident brands or businesses. The Bidvertiser platform does not require minimum traffic, however, there is a requirement, which may affect your choice. The website must be older than three months.

A lot of reviews include complaints about long-term waiting for approval after the application. So if you want to get a fast reaction from the affiliate program, this might be not very suitable for you.

Considering the promotional formats, the platform offers media banners, pop-ups, sliders, and smart links.

Payment Threshold$10
Minimum traffic requirementsNone
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsyes

This affiliate program is considered to be perfect as the second step in affiliate marketing promotion. If experts advise to the newbies use Google AdSense at first, is the second on this list.

As soon as your website visit reaches 5 000 in a month, becomes profitable in all senses.

Among the main benefits is the fact of the unique opportunity of access to the Yahoo Bing network, which attracts users. Another pro is the option to mix with Google AdSense, which makes it more effective and satisfying as well.

Payment Threshold$100
Minimum traffic requirements5 000 per month
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsyes


Ezois is one of the affiliate programs that require the minimum traffic for the websites. However, this requirement is reasoned with the 100% guarantee of the results. The minimum number of website visits in a month must be 10 000.

Despite the various promotion options, the Ezoic affiliate program offers optimization for the website speed, ads tester based on AI technology, and much more. The experts note a large package of unique offers, plans, tools, technologies, and opportunities.

If you want your website to grow, this program is for you. Moreover, the ads’ income will significantly grow eventually using it. The referral program implies 3% of the profit.

Payment Threshold$20
Minimum traffic requirements10 000 per month
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsyes


MediaVine is one of the most popular free affiliate programs that pay per click. The extreme popularity of the program among bloggers is caused by the pleasant payment terms and efficiency.

The minimum traffic requirement is quite higher, compared to other affiliate programs on the list. 50 000 visits per month are the bare minimum for MediaVine. The experts insist on high resultative and satisfying results.

 According to one of the reviews, the income through this affiliate program may increase by 80%.

MediaVine is the affiliate program, which is focused on the high-quality for both content and website look as well.

Among the main purposes of MediaVine are bloggers’ support and to increase the publishers; income.

Payment Threshold$25
Minimum traffic requirements50 000 per month
Payment FrequencyNet 65
Referral program + conditionsno


The certified Google partner – Adthrive offers technological solutions and high-qualified instruments for the promotion campaign. However, the traffic requirement becomes even higher, compared to other affiliate programs on the list. 100 000 website visits per month are obligate to join the program.

It may seem to be a little too much, but the final results will convince us of the need for such overestimated conditions.

AdThrive also strictly selects websites and content for promotion. So not everyone will be able to use the services of the program. According to the statistics, only 15% are approved by AdThrive.

Talking about the niche, a majority of the publishers works in such sectors as healthy food, parenting, and other topics.

Payment Threshold$25
Minimum traffic requirements100 000 per month
Payment FrequencyNet 45
Referral program + conditionsNo


This one is considered to be one of the most unique affiliate programs in the PPC category. Outbrain offers media advertisement to the publishers, but still, ads on the website are also available.

Earlier, the traffic requirement of the program was 10 million per month, which is quite impressive. Recently, Outbrain canceled this condition.

But still, this program would be perfect for advanced publishers and marketers. Among the main advertisers of the Outbrain program are Disney, Lego, CNN, and much more.

The promotion options include sponsor content, video content, etc.

Payment Threshold$50
Minimum traffic requirementsno
Payment FrequencyNet 60
Referral program + conditionsNo


Publishers, who are searching for promotions based on the news or articles, will find this affiliate program more than just perfect. Adblade is extremely suitable for publishers, whose content is mostly written.

Talking about the minimum traffic requirement, the number of visits per month is 500 000. Another benefit of the program is also a large number of available niches.

However, the content requirement is quite high in quality. The reason for such content filters is based on the purpose to guarantee no spam traffic.

The Adblade promotion looks like an article, so it is perfect when it is placed in the blog.

Payment Threshold$100
Minimum traffic requirements500 000 per month
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsNo


CBMint is considered to be one of the most popular affiliate programs that pay per click thanks to its leading position in a metal niche. In the affiliate program, publishers can promote such metals as gold, silver, palladium, zinc, and platinum.

Among the promotion, types are banners, text links, channels, and email.

Talking about the commission and its terms of payouts, the sum is $2 for 1 000 website visits. Each month, publishers receive a commission for the website activity of the users.

This program also works better with the websites that are dedicated to metals.

Payment Threshold$10
Minimum traffic requirements1 000 per month
Payment FrequencyNet 30
Referral program + conditionsyes

Commission Junction

Last but not the least program on the list of the top PPC affiliate programs is Commission junction. Among the offers that attract the publishers is diversification in promotion types. It is perfect for online marketing channels, social media ads, and media promotion.

You can choose any program to promote the product or service on the website. The commission will find you anyway thanks to the high-qualified technologies of the Commission Junction program.

Payment Threshold$10
Minimum traffic requirements1 000 per month
Payment FrequencyNet 45
Referral program + conditionsno

How to choose affiliate programs that pay per click?

There is a top list of tips on how to find the best PPC affiliate programs. Follow the rules and pick the most suitable affiliate program.

  1. Make sure that the business has a good reputation;
  2. Pick a product you used to know or use;
  3. Promote products suitable to your niche;
  4. Find affiliate programs that offer competitive commission rates;
  5. Find out the cookie lifetime;
  6. Stay away from the traffic leaks.


The choosing process of the affiliate program may be time-wasting and complicated because of the high competition level in the industry. However, such articles as this one is the key to success. Follow the expert bits of advice to get the needed results.

As it was already said before, it is important to identify the niche, but still, there may be also no affiliate programs for your niche. The most perfect solution for this problem is to search for the approximate one.

Be attentive to the details like scandals or complaints of the clients. You can find essential facts that may influence your results through affiliate marketing promotion.

PPC affiliate programs are popular types of programs that are attractive for publishers and marketers thanks to the comfortable payout system and profits. Maybe it is the most perfect time to try affiliate marketing per click.

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