DATA.BET offers streaming videos collaborating with Bayes Esports


23.04.2024 – DATA.BET, a reliable supplier of esports betting solutions, now delivers a tool that elevates the viewing experience on operators’ platforms in collaboration with Bayes Esports, the leading supplier of official esports live data, services, and products.

The introduction of video streams from a trusted source represents a significant step in addressing the challenges in content distribution for popular disciplines, such as CS2 and Dota 2. Approximately 90-97% of esports events are broadcasted through Twitch. However, the platform generally has delays that can reach up to 2 minutes, equal to a round in CS2, leading to an outdated viewing experience.

“Our live streams with reduced latency mark a significant milestone in esports betting development,” stated Alex Kozachenko, Chief Product Officer at DATA.BET. “In a strong partnership with Bayes Esports, we deliver our clients and their users a faster, more reliable alternative to conventional streaming platforms, ensuring an immersive and authentic viewing experience.”

Bayes Esports’ video streams offer a solution for minimizing delays by providing official broadcasts directly from tournament organizers, serving as a “source of truth” for esports streaming content. The integration of this streaming feature also presents new opportunities for operators to increase retention and enhance their services by incorporating branding and marketing campaigns directly into the streams.

“Our partnership with DATA.BET unlocks new avenues for platform engagement,” commented Amir Mirzaee, CCO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports. “In an industry where user satisfaction is essential, providing operators access to high-quality, low-delay tournament broadcasts is a game-changer. It enables them to provide unique content and enhance the overall betting experience, fostering deeper connections with their audience and driving sustained growth. Official, low delay video feeds are a sure way to identify the respective official data offerings for users and a way to make sure that their engagement benefits the esports ecosystem.”


DATA.BET is an esports betting solution provider that redefines industry standards with advanced products tailored for operators. The portfolio includes Odds Feed, Live Score Feed, in-house Risk Management, and Single Page Application (SPA) as an embedded solution. The provider uses premium tech solution, incorporating licensed content, minimal bet delays (down to 1 second), and a combination of AI with a 50-200 ms speed and proficient traders. Offering content coverage with over 30 disciplines, more than 12,500 events per month, and 2,000 markets, DATA.BET can fully personalize the lime to an operator’s needs.

About Bayes Esports

Bayes Esports is the leading esports data company, providing official esports data, services and products to its customers. Its open data marketplace is unifying esports data access across a broad variety of game titles and enables the full range of digital use cases, including media, service providers, analytics companies, betting operators, and community partners. Bayes Esports offers the fastest, most reliable, and accurate esports solutions on the market, powering its wide distribution network. Through partnerships with ESL FACEIT Group, BLAST Premier, and others, Bayes Esports is the leading official live data rights supplier for Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2 esports properties. The Berlin based tech company is backed by investors like BITKRAFT, Raine, March Capital, Fertitta Capital and Sony Innovation Fund.

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