5 Crypto Coins with Catchy and Humorous Names

5 Crypto Coins with Catchy and Humorous Names

While the cryptocurrency world has been a really fascinating and dynamic area in recent years, the average user rarely thinks about what the names of these digital coins are based on. In today’s article, we will focus on this aspect and describe five cryptocurrencies that attract people not only with favorable investment conditions but also with comical memorable names.


Users have been using Mooncoin for microtransactions around the globe since 2013. The maximum supply of this cryptocurrency is 384 billion, and this is no accident. If you sum up every millimeter that separates our Earth from the Moon, you will discover that this total distance is equal to the same number of millimeters.


Considering his extravagant demeanor, strict politics, and some timely jokes, it comes as no surprise that Donald Trump has a presence in the cryptocurrency market. This coin has become a digital support tool for the former president’s administration. It has managed to form quite a large community of followers and a crypto segment with a 6 million maximum supply of coins.


If you assumed this currency’s name refers to one of the key concepts in poker, this is not the case. Instead, this cryptocurrency focuses on the cannabis market and allows consumers to sell or buy legal marijuana more efficiently. In other words, the coin offers people a convenient banking service that brings cannabis companies and consumers together under one decentralized digital roof.


The world of memes provides us with not only catchy phrases and jokes but also cryptocurrencies. One of the Reddit communities decided that garlic bread could be an excellent foundation for creating a digital currency. As a result, it launched this meme digital coin, and numerous users of the social media platform have supported it from the very beginning. Garlicoin’s maximum supply caps at 69 million.


Having started as a joke mocking a ton of useless digital currencies, Dogecoin has reached incredible heights in the crypto-coin world. This currency’s story began back in 2013, when two software engineers decided to create some replacement for the rapidly expanding Bitcoin. Dogecoin’s key feature is that it does not have any maximum limit, as the total amount of these coins has already exceeded 100 billion.

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