The Weirdest Crypto Stories of All Time

The Weirdest Crypto Stories of All Time

Cryptocurrency has already become something habitual for modern society. This industry requires a lot of attention and accuracy so the funds would increase by investing in crypto. However, cryptocurrency can be not just serious, but funny as well. GBC Time has listed the top 3 weirdest crypto stories.

2021 was one of the most successful years for the cryptocurrency industry. The total increase of the industry worldwide was $2.17 trillion. But such a fast and confidential growing sector is full of the weirdest stories than could change your feelings about crypto. So let us start with the stories.

The death of John McAfee

John McAfee is the founder of the McAfee company. The company is focused on the anti-virus software launching. On June 23, 2021, he was found dead at the Spanish jail. According to the analysts, it was a suicide crime.

Before this, he was arrested in Spain on charges of tax evasion in America. Earlier in 2018, McAfee charged up to $105 000 per tweet to promote Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on social media.

Two years earlier, McAfee tweeted, “If I committed suicide, I didn’t. I got beat up.” This statement led to some theories of a possible act of murder.

India‘s Prime Minister appears to Twitter  out a BTC scam

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi‘s Twitter account was hacked. As the result, hackers tweeted on his page the statement that one of the national currencies of India was crypto.

The tweet was available for users for some time. The total number of users, who saw it, was 73.4 million.

Elon, Tesla, and Bitcoin

Elon Musk is considered to be one of the main drivers of cryptocurrency growth. The great mind of the generation has already increased the Bitcoin and Dogecoin in selling by tweeting his opinion on them.

In March 2021, Musk motivated investors to buy Bitcoin by making a statement that Tesla would accept Bitcoin as a payment method. However, after two months, Musk changed his mind the market was transformed again.

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