Advantages of crypto gambling business and how to quickly start earning with your site

Advantages of crypto gambling business and how to quickly start earning with your site

Let’s find out what’s happening in the crypto gambling sphere and why launching your crypto casino is a great and feasible idea.

According to a new survey from Binance, 73% of exchange users in Europe have optimistic expectations about the future of cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, more than half of Binance survey participants favor crypto over traditional currencies, and 55% of surveyed users use cryptocurrency for daily purchases, reflecting the increasing acceptance and adoption of digital currencies in casual life.

Furthermore, the study examines the key motivations behind the growing use of cryptocurrency in Europe. The prospect of high earnings, the advantages of decentralization, and tech innovations were named crucial factors by 20%, 18%, and 17% of participants, respectively. The survey also shows that the vast majority – 82% – have been involved in crypto for more than a year, demonstrating a deep and ongoing interest in digital currencies.

Amid the general popularity of cryptocurrencies, the demand for crypto gambling is not surprising either. According to one recent data point, crypto players bet $3 million worth of cryptocurrency daily, and approximately 50% of all Bitcoin transactions are related to different types of gambling activities. The crypto gambling market volume is $250 million, and 337 crypto bets are made every second worldwide. That sounds like a sufficient argument to call this sphere promising and highly profitable and think about launching your crypto sportsbook or casino.

However, there is one nuance: the more “delicious” the sphere, the higher the competition, which is getting stronger every day. That is why you should not postpone the launch of your cryptocurrency site. Moreover, in a good way, you should have started promoting the site even “yesterday.” When you realize this, you should put panic aside and contact BetProduct, which will support you in launching your crypto sportsbook or casino as quickly as possible.

What to choose: casino or betting

BetProduct offers two different designs for crypto casinos and crypto-betting sites. Each of these directions has pros and cons, and it is also worth considering that there will be some divergence in the target audience. However, BetProduct guarantees a quality website and maximum support in your preferred direction.

Crypto casinos: for those who know the rules of the game

According to statistics, 52% of crypto gamblers like to spin slots the most. This fact means you choose the most popular niche by choosing a crypto casino. Unfortunately, casinos, including slots, are among the most complex and competitive niches in the online business world. So, it is more for those who are already at least familiar with the essential peculiarities of the gambling industry. In addition, casinos are more challenging to promote due to legal restrictions in many countries, which also apply to popular social networks and other online platforms, and due to some limited subject matter, which affects advertising creatives.

Cryptosportsbook: for those who are at a low starting point

A betting platform is not much easier to launch than an online casino. There’s also much competition here, but the attitude towards sports betting in many countries is less negative than that of casino games. In some regions, legislation is less restrictive on betting activity ads, and this is complemented by a wide variety of advertising creatives in which you can show different sports and athletes. Of course, you’ll also have to fight for your place in the sun here, but it may be a little easier for beginners than in crypto casinos.

A universal crypto platform for betting and casino games: for those who want it all

This type may seem the best option, combining the benefits of crypto-betting and crypto casino. Still, it’s worth considering that it can be harder to manage both directions simultaneously than focusing on one.

You can check out the design options here and here.

Why it’s better to launch your crypto gambling business with BetProduct

Firstly, the company can do it incredibly fast, and in this field, the quicker, the better.

In addition to this, BetProduct from the start offers:

  1. Support for over 10 of the most used cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), Wawes, Ethereum Classic, Tron, and Solana. Even though most gamblers play on Bitcoins and Ethereum, you should give users a choice.
  2. A massive selection of casino games from 80+ providers, including live, table games, and virtual sports. A large selection of activities will help to retain users on the platform.
  3. Multi-currency user wallet. If a visitor plays on Bitcoin and decides to switch to Solana, they will not have to make any unnecessary movements.
  4. Absolute security of all transactions. “Must have” for any gambling site.
  5. Professional and fast technical support.
  6. Many bonuses for site users.

Moreover, BetProduct will help the site owners license their activities. Also, a company representative will conduct an in-depth consultation session before you start cooperation.

Conclusion: ready-made solutions are an ideal option for starting a business in the crypto gambling niche

A quick launch of a ready-made site will allow you to run advertising campaigns, attract users, and earn money practically from the start. In the case of manual launch, it can take months to design and develop the site, not to mention the selection of games and the search for providers or a reliable aggregator.

Besides, BetProduct has collected the best practices over the years of operating on the market, knows all the nuances and pitfalls, legal restrictions, and marketing tricks, and is ready to share its experience. So why not take advantage of this offer instead of getting your bumps and risking your money?

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