What makes Poland interesting for crypto products?

crypto products

According to the latest data, Poland has the largest number of crypto companies registered among all EU countries. The VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) registry has 1,262 authorized companies (as of 04/12/2024) and is updated daily. Well-known projects, for example, Coinspaid, Paybis, also have country authorization.

Obtaining permits in Poland is quite simple and inexpensive compared to other EU countries. The process itself takes several weeks, and collecting a list of documents is quite possible.

What is this connected with?

Authorization is essentially not a license, but permission to work with virtual assets. In this regard, the receipt procedure is less bureaucratic for all participants. However, with VASP you can already break into the crypto business and get your first results. This is why Poland crypto products can be a great option as a first step.

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