Elżbieta Krauze, Head of Marketing at Wazdan


Elżbieta Krauze, Head of Marketing at Wazdan told GBC Time journalists about the Wazdan company, the adaptation of a gambling company to changing market conditions, methods of brand promotion, promising regions, and directions in iGaming.

  1. In your opinion, what are some of the standout features of Wazdan’s best-performing slot games? How do these features contribute to player satisfaction and long-term engagement with the brand?

We like to think all creative aspects of our slots contribute to their overall success. The visual appeal engineered into Wazdan’s slots is unparalleled, with advanced graphics, vibrant colours and smooth animations enhancing the player’s experience and retention levels. With that being said, we have also developed a reputation for incorporating innovative mechanics into our games, such as the Cash Infinity™ and Hold the Jackpot™.

Wazdan’s Coins™ series is a prime example of our standout mechanic engineering. Although innovative new features are added to each title, the core gameplay remains the same. A unique mathematical model with no regular symbols in the base game and player favourite mechanics such as Cash Infinity ™ and Hold the Jackpot™ have guaranteed its success.

At Wazdan, we see it as crucial that our gaming features allow for an inclusive, rewarding experience, attracting players who are experienced enthusiasts or relatively new to the iGaming world. Our array of games being engineered for mobile-first play allows us to accommodate and gain with the younger generation who opt for their favourite slots on smartphone or tablet devices.

  1. Regarding the development process of your online slot games, how do you prioritise between graphics, sound, and gameplay design?

Ultimately, we don’t. Each plays an equally imperative role in the overall slot experience.

Wazdan’s visual appeal entices players, and so the development process entails the creation of industry-leading graphics, vibrant colours, and detailed animations. Sound design complements the visual experience, so we ensure engaging sound effects, background music and audio cues work in tandem with what you see on screen to optimise excitement and anticipation during gameplay. Gameplay design then encompasses the mechanics, features, and overall flow of the game so we ensure it is intuitive and rewarding for players.

A balanced approach encompassing all three leads to a cohesive and stimulating gaming experience that makes everyone a winner.

  1. Could you elaborate on the role of sound design in enhancing player engagement and retention? How do you ensure that the auditory experience complements the visual elements of your games?

Sound design is vital in immersing a player within a slot and increasing retention levels across a gaming portfolio. Advanced sound design will heighten player emotions by adding an extra dimension to key gameplay modes or additional features.

At Wazdan, we ensure the auditory experience complements the visual elements of the game through our sound design team working with in-house artists and developers to align audio cues with on-screen events and animations. This approach hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry, as we have been nominated twice in the OnlineCasinosSpelen zonder Cruks competition and CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2024 for the Game Music/Soundtrack of the Year. Both the Los Muertos™ II and Book of Faith™ soundtracks have been recognised with these prestigious awards.

  1. Graphics play a significant role in attracting players to online slot games. How does Wazdan approach graphic design to stand out in a crowded market? What considerations are made to ensure that the visual aesthetics align with the target audience’s preferences?

Wazdan’s first-class graphics would not be possible without our amazing Graphic and Design team who truly set the bar within a saturated market. The fact that we have become a leading slot producer, and maintained this position for years comes from our visual consistency, which is generated through a meticulous design process, ensuring no game is released without a visual appeal that differentiates it. Every market has its own requirements, and so we adhere to briefs cautiously to prioritise all client needs and the target audience, adapting our visual communications accordingly.

  1. With Wazdan’s recent rebranding efforts, how has the evolution of the brand influenced the development of new slot titles? Has the rebranding affected the design philosophy or thematic choices of your games?

The decision to rebrand came from the fact we wanted to better reflect our commitment to providing ultimate value for both our partners and players. Our games have developed at such a rapid rate, in terms of their advanced graphics, leading features and innovative mechanics, and we wanted our brand to underline this consistent gaining in the clearest way possible.

The evolution of Wazdan, however, is more than just a makeover. While the logo and brand image enjoyed a fresh coat of paint, our core mission remains – delivering an industry-leading, meticulously engineered gaming experience for partners and players so they can gain. Again and again.

The new brand is our tailored suit, and in line with our state-of-the-art slots, elevates us above the crowd of iGaming providers, showing that what is inside is as refined as the exterior. We stay true to our ideals and produce games organically, from the very first idea to development. Our rebranding is a maturation, a sharpening focus on what makes Wazdan a leading player.

  1. Wazdan has been nominated in multiple categories in the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards. What aspects of your slot games do you believe have contributed to this recognition?

Our excellence in creating rewarding slot experiences comes from the fact no aspect is neglected, and every area, whether that be graphics, sound, gameplay, immersion, or software, is developed to the highest industry standard. We believe a rewarding experience makes everyone a winner. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Game Developer Awards have acknowledged this, and our nominations have come in from across the board, including Game Mechanic of the Year, Game Feature of the Year, Game Music/Soundtrack,  Game Retro-Style, and One to Watch. Our award nods come from hard work and dedication across the development process. Driven by innovation and directed by results, we engineer the world’s most rewarding casino game experiences.    

  1. As Wazdan continues to expand its presence in the iGaming market, what new markets or regions are you targeting for growth this year? How does the company adapt its game development strategies to cater to the preferences and regulations of these emerging markets?

We never want to restrict ourselves and are always open to new ventures in whatever way they may appear, with the core mission of growing Wazdan’s brand globally. With that being said, we are eager to build on our LatAm presence. After tasting success in Colombia, we are eager to tap into neighbouring countries as we hold an extreme fondness for the region’s culture, energy, and acceptance of the iGaming industry. We believe there is a real demand for access to an industry-leading gaming portfolio, and we are in the perfect position to cater for this, providing the best possible experience for every player and of course, expanding Online gaining™.

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