CMO Peter Gunni Evaluates Social Media Marketing Trends in the iGaming industry

CMO Peter Gunni Evaluates Social Media Marketing Trends in the iGaming industry

Given the rapid development of social media, this industry is becoming more and more promising for iGaming companies from a marketing perspective. Social networks have long become an integral part of our lives, and we wanted to understand how they would help promote the iGaming business in the near future.

To get an insightful opinion on this significant topic, our team reached out to Peter Gunni, Traffic Lab’s Chief Marketing Officer. With years of experience in the performance marketing and business intelligence department, Peter shared his thoughts on the most relevant social media marketing channels for any iGaming company in this recent interview.

In your opinion, which social media platforms should marketers focus? Why?

As Meta has been the main social media channel for a long time, it still proves worth in certain areas. Previously, it could cover the full perspective of a marketing funnel but has lost a lot of footholds when it comes to optimization. With Apple’s update 14.5 breaking off the genius data foundation, both Meta and marketers were using it to gain customers’ attention. As Apple continued with their update 15, it did not have the same impact on retention as was believed, which is one of the last lifelines for Meta.

What social media marketing trends should modern iGaming companies follow? Why?

As for trends, I would recommend taking a look at TikTok. No, it is not just a dancing app for kids. With a platform that ByteDance has invested in data-based entertainment, they have a different approach than Meta. They are focused on 3 things:

  • FYP: For your page, your main go-to page for fast entertainment which follows your watch time, interaction, and search intent;
  • Community: Content from every page you follow;
  • SEARCH: Fast-paced video-based results from a search intent. This receives too little credit compared to the solution it brings and how many people use it instead of Google/Youtube. I am not saying SEO goes out of business here but the search intent from TikTok can bring a different kind of valued audience. Combine the 3 search channels, and they prosper as a community together.

There are a lot of use cases and the main tackle, much like any other branding, would be making your product entertaining to watch.

What advice would you give to new companies looking to join this social media channel?

Here are 3 tips to enter this channel:

  1. Great editing, cutting clips every 1-3 seconds is vital for keeping them thump from scrolling.
  2. Follow trends, especially sound trends, and align your product with the trending sounds. (There are actually a lot of TikTok profiles whose only purpose is trends prediction, to make it easy for your marketing manager)
  3. Authentic videos: by engaging the 21–30-year category (The new era of entertainment consumers) They are not looking for the most polished TV ad on their phone, they want it to be relatable with fast-paced storytelling.

To keep your community engaged, you need to monitor and respond to as many comments as you can. Customers use the comment section as a “Trustpilot”, and the way you react has a profound impact on your brand image.

How should iGaming companies respond to negative social media feedback to avoid customer churn? Can you give some examples?

Mostly our comments would be something like “I did not get my bonus” or “FRAUD, SCAM!” In general, if a comment has a form of content that could contribute, I suggest converting it into trust or transparency with an empathic approach. If the comment is with pure malicious intent, I would remove it and block the user from commenting again.

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