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For publishers, webmasters, and all professionals who make money on traffic, CPA networks are the most effective method of obtaining a stable high income. The best CPA networks provide almost unlimited opportunities for legal earnings through offers in a variety of verticals and GEOs. Today we will puzzle out how these platforms work and which networks are included in the list of the best according to a number of important criteria.

What is a CPA network?

A CPA network is an aggregator of affiliate programs that organizes cooperation between advertisers and webmasters in such a way as to provide benefits to each participant in the chain. CPA is short for Cost Per Action and means “pay per action.” In such networks, affiliates receive payment only for targeted actions of attracted users: making a purchase, registering on the site, ordering a service, filling out a form, etc.

Such a network performs several essential functions at once:

  • gathers advertisers and webmasters on one site;
  • checks advertisers and affiliates for reliability;
  • weeds out unscrupulous performers and advertisers;
  • analyzes the work of agents, looking for the most exciting and profitable offers;
  • determines the most profitable systems for advertisers to work with webmasters;
  • guarantees fair payments to webmasters within the framework of the selected offer;
  • creates an interface for the work of advertisers and affiliates and supports its functioning;
  • provides a set of tools for managing the work of an affiliate: statistics, performance analysis, etc.;
  • provides advertising materials: promos, mobile applications, landing pages, etc.

The best platforms can also provide webmaster training, organize contests, and offer bonus programs.

How the CPA network works

The work of the CPA network provides for the cooperation of three main participants:

  • the network itself, which acts as a platform for communication between webmasters and advertisers;
  • webmasters, affiliates, affiliates, and other individuals or teams that drive traffic;
  • advertisers – sellers of goods and services who pay for the performance of targeted actions by attracted webmasters.

The chain of interaction between the participants is shown in the figure.

Rating of the best CPA networks

Depending on the target action for which the advertiser pays, there are the following main models of cooperation between affiliates and the network:

  • CPS (PPS) – payment for a purchase on the site (if the user cancels a purchase or order, the action is not taken into account);
  • CPL – payment for a lead, for example, for filling out a questionnaire by a client, registration, etc.;
  • CPV – payment for visiting the site by the client;
  • CPI – payment for downloading and installing an application or program;
  • CT – call charges.

These are just basic models. In practice, there can be many more. Conditions differ depending on the selected offer.

Top 6 CPA Networks

In the ranking of the best CPA networks, there are affiliate programs where you can find offers for every taste: gambling and betting, finance, commodity, crypto, Nutra, etc. Only those platforms that offer the most profitable sites with stable payouts and high-quality support get to the top. When evaluating the availability of relevant offers, the timeliness of payments and the convenience of the platform functionality were also taken into account.

Huge Partners

The Huge Partners affiliate network is a recently launched platform operated by advanced specialists and professionals. This year has become a debut for the innovatively fresh network focusing on gambling and betting verticals.

Currently, the list of the available GEOs for the affiliates includes such markets as LatAm, Canada, the USA, and Africa. One of the primary goals for the Huge Partners team is to expand its service to the whole world by providing the exclusive best service as an affiliate network.

Among the available traffic on the Huge Partners affiliate platform are the following:

  • SEO;
  • ASO;
  • PPC;
  • Facebook;
  • UAC;
  • Email;
  • Streamers.

When it comes to payment systems, Huge Partners guarantees security and reliability. How affiliates can withdraw their funds? The full list includes USDT, ERC-20, Capitalist, and Skrill.

PDL profit

The affiliate network entered the market in 2019. Over the past time, she has managed to win the trust of affiliates and lead the top CPA networks. Over 1 500 webmasters have already joined the platform, and the daily number of new clients exceeds 10,000.

The CPA network offers webmasters more than 200 best offers in the financial vertical in six main geos: CIS, Latin America, USA, and Asia. Up to 90% of affiliate offers are from direct advertisers, another 10% are resale, but with high rates. Works with CPL and CPS models.

Benefits of PDL-profit:

  • there are offers in any geo – even if the system does not contain the necessary offers or geo, affiliates can contact technical support and connect to the selected destinations within 15 days;
  • the minimum margin of the network, which allows you to offer the most favorable rates – in 90% of offers, the rate exceeds the competitive ones by 5-15%;
  • instant payouts without holding daily, except weekends;
  • Availability of technological additions necessary to manage traffic and increase efficiency – “Showcase Designer,” Mobile, SmartLink, SV3, API, accurate and detailed statistics, a lot of tools for testing almost any idea;
  • The assistance of a personal manager who is professionally versed in affiliates and always gets in touch.
  • PDL-profit accepts any traffic except for brand context and motivated traffic, which are prohibited in all offers. Main traffic sources: Facebook, Google Ads, own collected SMS or email database.


Since 2012, SalesDoubler has been giving webmasters access to the best affiliate programs in niches: finance, mobile apps, games, and FMGG. Works with CPA, CPL, and CPI models.

SalesDoubler is on the list of the best CPA networks thanks to the following:

  • the best offers in a number of popular verticals for different geos: Ukraine, Mexico, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Colombia, Sri Lanka, etc.;
  • favorable conditions – the network constantly updates the conditions for offers, publishing more profitable and interesting offers, holds promotions, rewards the most active webmasters and successful newcomers;
  • insignificant hold and payouts on request;
  • a large selection of tools to facilitate the work of webmasters, including training materials, Sub-id, Global Postback, detailed statistics, etc.;
  • ready-made promotional materials – banners, teasers, advertising texts, ready-made landing pages from advertisers;
  • high-quality support, which is always in touch.

The network does not accept branded, incentivized traffic and Cookie stuffing.


A reliable partner for webmasters that entered the market in 2020. It provides offers in gambling, betting, online poker, cryptocurrency, and binary options only from direct advertisers. In total, over 500 offers in 70 GEOs are available in the network. The network works with CPA, CPL, and RevShare models. Payments are made once a week.

The advantages of PlayCash, thanks to which the network is actively expanding the list of webmasters who want to work with this platform:

  • high rates on offers, for some offers even exceeding market rates;
  • lack of hold in most offers;
  • newcomer support;
  • round-the-clock technical support and assistance of a personal manager.

Additionally, for serious webmasters, the network offers:

  • individual applications;
  • special conditions for webmasters with volumes over 20 deposits per day;
  • personal promotional materials, landing pages;
  • financing of primary turnover;
  • payments on private requests to any payment systems.

PlayCash accepts almost any legal traffic: Facebook, context, mailings, display formats, etc.


The affiliate CPA network entered the market in 2019. The key vertical of offers is finance. In total, the site contains over 150 offers with excellent performance and high rates.

The network operates within the framework of the CPS model. Payments – twice a month, hold time – from one to one and a half months. Verified webmasters with high results receive individual, more favorable conditions.

The advantages of C2M make it one of the best networks not only in its vertical but also in the market as a whole:

  • no intermediaries – C2M is a direct advertiser, thanks to which it provides partners with the highest possible rates;
  • providing detailed statistics on promotion in the format of three reports;
  • conversion tracking via Postback;
  • availability of a tool for demonetization of Traffic Back traffic;
  • provision of mobile applications for the promotion of offers, tools for sending Viber and WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok accounts;
  • development of individual applications with a showcase of MFI offers;
  • the assistance of a personal manager;
  • the ability to request unscheduled payments.

C2M also offers free arbitration training along with a team of practicing experts.


A global affiliate network that has been operating since 2014 and unites more than 270 000 advertisers and webmasters from 154 countries. Key verticals: gambling and dating, adult, Nutra, crypto, finance, goods, 20 categories in total. The number of offers in the network exceeds 3600. The site works with CPA, CPL, CPS PPI, COD CPL, IVR, SMS, etc., models.

MyLead is deservedly considered one of the industry leaders due to the following:

  • availability of offers in dozens of categories;
  • access to nine payment models;
  • the presence of mobile applications for Android and iOS, a built-in forum, and a blog;
  • personal bonus system;
  • up-to-date, reliable statistics;
  • quality work of support and personal assistant;
  • bonus and referral program;
  • a set of tools for tracking conversions, which includes statistics on leads and programs, smart links for traffic, Postback, API, etc.;
  • a large-scale community of webmasters from all over the world.

MyLead accepts mobile and desktop traffic from all over the world. There are separate proposals for the CIS.


Affiliate CPA networks are a profitable area of activity. Regardless of the availability of start-up capital and experience, almost everyone can engage in affiliate marketing. The main thing is to actively study the field, persistently look for sources of quality traffic and carefully choose partner platforms. When choosing networks, you should not rely solely on ratings. To find the best affiliate program, it is extremely important to take into account the specifics of the traffic that a webmaster can generate, as well as study the reviews of real network clients and independently test the best offers on the market.

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