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How to promote a gambling brand without huge ad budgets? The affiliate promotion strategy allows your company to increase its audience and, more importantly, spread brand awareness online. But choosing the perfect affiliate program is essential, and it may be a bit challenging initially. We have collected the best gambling affiliate programs in 2023, which would definitely relieve the stress.

The best way to describe affiliate marketing is to say: “It is a win-win.” Each party on the deal gets what was required in the first place. A brand increases its sales and expands its audience, while an affiliate gets rewarded with a commission for their work.

Moreover, there are even more benefits of affiliate marketing these days, including:

  • it does not require huge budgets;
  • low ongoing costs;
  • flexibility;
  • low risk of unsuccess;
  • high ROI.

A partnership between a company and an affiliate is an integral part of any promotional campaign. But still, one of the most popular mistakes is ignoring the importance of affiliate programs.

So, let us puzzle out the fundamental role of the affiliate program and how to pick the perfect network for the gambling niche.


Starting with the basics, an affiliate program may be described as a marketing tool that commissions affiliates to drive traffic. Talking more specifically on the process of the whole scheme working, there are a few stages:

  • Affiliate and a merchant make an agreement;
  • Affiliates create a profile on the affiliate network;
  • The program provides a link that can be shared;
  • A customer clicks on the link;
  • An affiliate gets rewarded with a commission.

Here is a more detailed visualized guide on affiliate marketing work.

The Best Gambling Affiliate Programs

Undoubtedly, the choice of a network can affect the final outcome of the whole campaign, which makes this choice even more significant. The advanced affiliate networks provide the most valuable tools and features to track the promotion. But still, how to find such networks without falling for scammers? Below we will discuss the criteria that identify the best casino affiliate programs.

Criteria for selecting casino affiliate programs

Several factors show how advanced an affiliate network is. Considering these criteria, you will immediately see the perfect program for your brand.

Revenue share model

First of all, the thing you need to check is how the revenue splits. In other words, how you as an affiliate will get paid – per sale or month. Nowadays, most affiliates prefer the CPA scheme.

Moreover, it is crucial to understand how revenue gets generated, which may also significantly affect your experience and income level. Some affiliate networks offer a flat rate depending on the number of newly-registered customers. Another group of affiliate programs uses the percentage of the losses that players sustain after registration while generating the sum of payout.

The only way to choose is to consider your preferences and needs. Below we have attached the best online gambling affiliate programs that imply the best commission models.

Cookie duration

Cookie files play an essential role in the affiliate marketing program. Moreover, the lifespans also can be different on the various networks. So, choose wisely the one that fits your preferences. 

Some programs can offer 15 or 30 days, but some can also provide one-session lifespans. But according to most affiliates, the best choice is a lifetime cookie with no time limits.

Withdrawal threshold

As in the gambling experience, the withdrawal option is a crucial factor. To identify top payout affiliate online casinos, look at those networks that offer low withdrawal amounts. Moreover, do not forget about the payment methods.

Range and type of the gaming environment

Since we are discussing the best affiliate programs for gambling brands, the game criteria is one of the most essential factors. Ensure the casino platform offers a wide selection of games with high-quality graphics from leading providers. The more diverse the casino website – the more engaging it will be for consumers.

While the iGaming market has been rapidly growing, the competition level has also become more muscular as well. Therefore, players require a special and unique variety of products.


It is not a secret that online gambling is a strictly regulated sector that implies rules and restrictions in jurisdictions. The same is required for the best online casino affiliate programs.

Look at the casino network’s license, which authority regulates the actions of the website, and which markets are allowed for the operation. In case the affiliate casino platform has no license, you should be careful with the security system.

Next, we’re going to review some of the top casino affiliate programs in 2023.

Top Gaming Affiliate Programs

1. Income88

Income88 has been offering its services as an affiliate network since 2015. The operator Happy Luke runs the platform and is one of the top iGaming brands in the global market, but mostly, of course, in the Asian market. The online gambling brand has always provided the top products for players located in the Asian market.

According to some reviews and feedback, the Income88 affiliate network is a perfect choice for those companies that target social media audiences. Among other significant benefits, Income88 provides a generous revenue share model of up to 50% with no negative carryover.

2. Casumo Affiliates

Casumo Affiliates is one of the most popular networks in the modern industry nowadays. Thanks to reliable and secure systems, this platform has earned the status of a trustworthy brand. The Casumo business also has a unique market aim, which implies promotion for the Casumo casino website only.

The main factor for the Casumo affiliate program payment calculation is the number of newly registered customers referred through the link. The affiliates will work with no negative carryover, significantly improving the whole experience. Talking more specifically on the commission percentage, it starts from 25% to 45%.

It is also worth noting that Casumo casino is a licensed and advanced brand that has become one of the favorite affiliate networks during the latest years.

3. Bet365 

Bet365 is one of the top online betting brands in the modern iGaming market. Thanks to the great offers and incredible gaming experience for the players, this website keeps beating opponents in the global industry.  Besides the betting options, Bet365 customers have access to plenty of live and table casino games.

Moreover, Bet365 provides a perfect affiliate network with many tools and features. 30% of the revenue share is the first benefit for affiliates. Another one is, of course, the freedom of choice in payment methods. 

4. Mr. Green 

Mr. Green is one of those iGaming brands prioritizing its customers and putting all the effort into improving the gaming experience. This casino has been servicing players worldwide since 2007. Nowadays, the Mr. Green casino provides more than 1 000 games and unique offers and opportunities like 3D and VR games.

By working with Mr. Green’s casino affiliate network, affiliates can access the tracking features and perfect terms and conditions. The commission rate from 25% to 45% is one of the most excellent terms and conditions these days.

5. Genesis 

Genesis is considered one of the oldest and most advanced casino brands, with more than 1 000 games on the website. But the wide range of games is not the only benefit of the online casino. Genesis also provides a safe and secure gaming environment, positively affecting the experience.

Talking of advantages that affiliates get access to, a commission rate of up to 35% and plenty of payment methods must be mentioned.

Tips for maximizing earnings with gambling affiliate programs

Still, finding the best gambling affiliate programs is not enough. You can also improve its performance of it. So, here are some of the tips to maximize the affiliate program’s effectiveness.

Stop underestimating SEO

SEO is probably one of the most famous pieces of advice from advanced marketers, but still, some may forget how search engine optimization affects promotion online. Optimize your content to improve the casino website search ranking.

Present a casino by mentioning the benefits

Online customers would create an account on the website, given that they will get access to the best conditions in the market. While promoting a casino brand, focus on the simplicity of signing up, game variation, special bonuses, and interface.

Picture the casino as the best in the market by arguing superiority with particular facts and not just compliments.


Summing up, affiliate programs can be a lucrative source of income for iGaming websites. While the profit potential is high, it is essential to consider the ethical implications of promoting gambling to others. It is crucial to choose reputable affiliate programs and to provide accurate information about the risks and responsibilities attached to gambling.

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