The Best Finance Affiliate Programs in India

The Best Finance Affiliate Programs in India

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to drive traffic and attract more customers. It’s perfect for all business sectors such as finances and gambling.  Login Casino has prepared a review article about the best finance affiliate programs in India, a promising market for investments. Check the latest business news of the gambling sector to find more updates.

Affiliate marketing is popular in many of the global business sectors. Global-known companies, organizations, small businesses, and different financial platforms are attracted by a 100% outcome. Experts describe this advertising model as a process in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products or services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and their percent of earning is a commission. Below you can get to know the most prospective programs and find a GBC Time guide on choosing the best financial affiliate program in India.

The main stages of the affiliate program:

  1. Affiliate puts the company’s ads on their website;
  2. Customer clicks and converts;
  3. Conversion is tracked;
  4. The affiliate gets a commission.

The extra growth of the website visitors and sales increase results from affiliate programs’ work. The financial category has been developing for the latest decade, making the economy institution diverse and versatile. High-level competition between companies has made the industry challenging to step in, and that’s why affiliate programs are the primary tools for successful promotion.

The affiliate programs’ magnetic pros for businesses

Grow brand famous

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to build a more substantial brand value while increasing the user base and informing new potential customers about the company: the more information about products or services in the digital space, the bigger awareness of the brand. And a more dominant factor is the perfect target audience.

Increase SEO

The website’s search engine ranking directly influences the number of visits and, therefore, the profit. Affiliate programs improve this factor with backlinks on affiliate websites, social media platforms, messengers, etc.

Access foreign markets

Affiliate marketing is a tool to connect targets to different markets and still find a suitable audience for the product and service. And the specific strategy for each market is the next step to the result.

Targeted traffic

The effect of a loyal audience and their constant growth results from the right targeted traffic. Products promotion in the digital space without knowing the potential clients’ characteristics won’t bring any results. But if the advertising suits the Internet user, the website visits are growing.

Low cost – high ROI

The commission-based program leads to all sides getting what they need. The companies pay for the results, and the affiliates earn money for the sales they bring to the company.

Talking about the financial sector of the global business environment, finance affiliate programs are the ultimate ways to promote all the services.

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What is the finance affiliate program India?

Since India has become a promising market in the financial sector, more affiliates have started working there. Such growth, especially in the cryptocurrency space, is the global pandemic, which caused the high taxation on gold in India.


One of the leading payroll platforms offers to control all the stages of the promotion online. This affiliate program is affordable, and experts notice this as the main pros compared to other finance affiliate programs in India.

The number of firms that used Gusto’s program is over 200 00 businesses and 7 000 accounting firms. According to the trusted status among the clients, the fact of high experience and satisfying work is evident. Gusto’s commission is quite profitable: $50-$100 per lead. And cookie duration is 120 days.


In a matter of the extreme demand for cryptocurrency globally, affiliate programs in this sector are more than just profitable.

The attractive offer is an option to receive 50% of the referees’ trading fees for the first 3 months of using this affiliate program.

M1 Finance

This platform is mixing online broker service with investment manager working. And it’s perfect for investors, especially for those who don’t want to be hands-off but can pick a handful of individual stocks.

Digital-service type platform offers a $100 commission with 30 days of cookie duration.

M1 Finance’s pros:

  • feefree investing;
  • borrow on margin (2%3.5%);
  • up to 10% cash back.

Personal Capital

For the companies that want to increase their income, Personal Capital is perfect. The program uses data-driven portfolio management as the main tool, and the results are more than just satisfying. The commission doesn’t differ from others: $100 per lead is the stable price. However, the cookie duration days are 60.

The investment target platform has earned a trusted status in the affiliate industry for many cases of successful work.


The online marketplace offers its digital service to estate investors. Before investors decide to buy anything, they can see the independently screened, appraised, and certified properties. It’s a great option to grow business and drive traffic.

Roofstock’s commission per referral is $15 with 30 days of cookie duration. According to the affiliate program’s website, as the result of working, the investments can cash-flow from day one.

CIT Bank

This affiliate is still holding the leading positions in the industry, despite being successful in going through a crisis. The digital service’s product can be a personal loan, savings accounts, mortgages, and different financial options. So, if the company’s niche is financiers, high-paying loans, or mortgages, this affiliate program is perfect.

The offered commission is $100 per lead. Talking about the cookie duration, the term is 30 days.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package by the Intuit company. Businesses, financial and software companies can place a QuickBooks logo on the website and then start earning a referral fee by selling its software.

Among the conditions, a commission is 10% per sale and 45 days of cookie duration.


If you are looking for the best financial affiliate programs specialized in cryptocurrency, Binance is one of the most profitable. The Binance affiliate program works with individuals like social media influencers, crypto communities, businesses, media platforms, and funds. The commission can be rated from 5% to 40% per sale. However, the term cookie duration is unknown.

How does the affiliate program work?

  1. Sign up to become an affiliate;
  2. Create and share the affiliate link;
  3. Earn up to 40% commission.

Among the pros, Binance mentions exclusive and modern content managing, trusted and reliable payment systems, etc.

How to choose best finance affiliate program in India?

The purpose of any financial affiliate program is to increase visiting on the website and therefore increase the income. That’s why the factor of the suitable program for the company is the profitable commission levels and earnings per click.

Factors for the best finance affiliate programs

  • terms and conditions (commission and cookie period);
  • niche;
  • lifetime recurring commissions;
  • brand value;
  • targeted traffic.

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